Can I Sue Someone For Monetary Compensation Due to Class Action Lawsuit Fraud?

This article will discuss the class action lawsuit in Sono Bello v. Microsoft. The case was decided in the district court in the Southern District of New York. The plaintiff was a former employee of Microsoft. The issue here was whether she could collect damages for the medical treatment that she received after being subjected to harmful head injuries at the worksite. The district court held that she could recover since she had a clear psychological effect upon Microsoft. On appeal, the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed.

There are plenty of law firms in the United States.

Law firms can be found all over states including California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin. In Sono Bello v. Microsoft, there were law firms located in Illinois, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and Seattle. These law firms undoubtedly have lots of expertise with employees who work in places like Microsoft, Dietrich Toys, and International Paper, just to name a few.

According to The Seattle Times, “There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests companies can be sued for not protecting their employees from harm and for failing to warn them about hazards they know to exist.” The newspaper continued by writing, “In recent years, several high-profile lawsuits have been brought against companies including McDonald’s, Landau Foods, AT&T, and Wal-Mart. In each of these cases, a lawyer representing an injured worker has tried to use evidence of past or current problems to win a jury verdict for the plaintiff.” However, there is no indication that any of these cases have been successful. In fact, all of the plaintiffs in these lawsuits were unable to obtain any monetary damages.

When I read The Seattle Times article, I was really surprised that such article would contain this suggestion.

Not only was this suggestion completely false, it also suggested that the very same lawyers who handled these class action lawsuit cases often represented white-collar criminals. To date, one of the lawyers who represented the white-collar criminals in these cases went to jail for 18 months because he had previously admitted to stealing government funds. I asked the author of this article if he did consider this possibility. He did not respond.

Naturally, anyone who represents a class-action lawsuit will tell their clients to never try to force a defendant into settling for a ‘lesser’ settlement if that ‘lesser’ settlement will result in unfairness to the plaintiff.

The problem with this advice is that it is blatantly inconsistent with the experience of most attorneys. When an individual injured in a car accident files a wrongful death lawsuit, most experienced attorneys immediately contact the car insurance company and the insurance company’s counsel. (In other words, they don’t simply pass along the recommendation.) Additionally, most experienced attorneys will not undertake a case unless they believe that it will succeed.

If you are seeking lawyers who will sue on your behalf, there are two basic strategies that you need to adopt.

First, you need to find a lawyer who has won a class action lawsuit. Second, you need to locate a lawyer who has tried more successfully these kinds of cases than others in his or her area. (This is something of a balancing act, since it’s impossible to predict how a future case will turn out, but you can find out how many wins and losses the attorney has had in past cases.) You can certainly locate both types of lawyers by asking friends for referrals or going online.

In addition to the attorneys mentioned above, I believe it is important to note that the majority of lawyers offer a no win no fee service.

(I use the term ‘no win no fee’ to describe a contingency plan in which the lawyer does not charge you anything unless and until you win your lawsuit.) Because contingency plans are usually the most successful way to handle cases, this should be another consideration when selecting lawyers. Additionally, some lawyers offer support services in addition to their lawsuit service.

There is nothing wrong with contacting a lawyer who specializes in class action lawsuit funding to discuss your case. Additionally, if you have never filed a lawsuit before, it may be to your benefit to talk to someone who has, as it can help you realize whether or not you have a chance at success. Overall, it is not a good idea to try and file your lawsuit without help; it is much better to research the process and obtain as much information as possible, both about the law and your specific situation.

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  1. I have had a horrible experience with Sono Bello, the scars on my stomach are bad and I went through horrible pain and torturer in the sono bello office with them trying to cut out the deep tissue burnt flesh out of my body. the crying and screaming was so unbarable, I ended up in ergent care several times. I ended up with surgury cutting out the burnt parts and the infection that took 5 months to heal because it was so deep. I had to get a nursre to come to my home and pack the wounds, it was so bad my NEW doctor did the surgery on christmas eve.

    1. Hello Corrina,
      My name is Debora Sylte. I was reading your post about your experience with Sono Bello. I have to share with you regarding Sono Bello. I went through a divorce after being married for 34 years and felt that I would use some of the divorce money and treat myself to a liposuction as well as a skin removal tummy tuck. TriSculpt/E/X. Initially I went in for a consultation on 10/9/20 and of course they get you all pumped up with excitement and promise you will look amazing once I am all recovered, so I was all excited and so well convinced that I started signing the contract.
      On 10/15/20, I met with the surg eon for a quick evaluation and basically before I leave the exam room, he proceeds to explain to me that when people go into a plastic surgeon’s office, they are right away expecting to leave looking thin, but a surgeon can
      only do so much do you understand what I mean, So Corrina, on 10/16/20 the day of my surgery this doctor said ok we are going to start injecting and prepping the skin with local anesthetic, and of course I expected it to sting given I work in the medical field in which he waited a few minutes for the area to become completely numbed and so I thought, and he starts with the first insertion of the suction tool and at first it was going ok and all of a sudden he jabs me so hard into my rib that I yelped. So, notice that it did not even phase him and by now I am feeling uneasy about the next areas because he basically showed no remorse over me and was rushing through this, and I couldn’t handle it. I kept telling the nurse and the doctor that it was really starting to hurt pretty bad that I was shaking from the pain that he was putting me through. He did not want to hear me whine and so next thing I know he proceeded to tell the nurse, “Do something, hold her down and once he was done, he walked out. The nurse shows me the fat that was taken out and she then, helped me get dressed, I was in shock that I did end up complaining to the office about this incident and I was so scared I was having anxiety about the next upcoming procedure. So, little did I know the next procedure I was scheduled happened to be with that same doctor and I am already sedated.
      This doctor I thought was showing me that he cared but the procedure wasn’t done correctly only to end up having a revision with another doctor from the same facility.
      Carrina, do I have a case?
      I hope to hear back from you soon.
      Thank you, Debbie Sylte

  2. In 1928 the Supreme Court case, Olmstead, versus the United States. Justice Louis Brandeis stated in dissent that the right to privacy is the most comprehensive right and the most valued by civilized men. The majority of the court did not agree. It was not until the 1960s that the Supreme Court endorsed that the Constitutional protects individual privacy rights. In 1965 Griswold versus Connecticut, the Supreme Court held the Constitutional right to privacy was implied the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth Amendments.

    In the last several decades, Congress has enacted many statutes that protect the privacy of individuals in various areas of concern. In the 1960s, Americans were sufficiently alarmed by the accumulation of personal information in government files that they pressure Congress to pass laws permitting individuals to access their files. Since then, Congress has passed numerous laws protecting the individual(s) privacy rights concerning financial transactions, electronic communication, and other activities in which personal information is gathered and stored by organizations. This must be foreign knowledge because no one has stood up and done anything.

    Justice, equality, and laws are supposed to protect the innocent, not project the defendant’s accountability on the plaintiff? No one acknowledge the damages or injuries the plaintiff physically and psychologically suffered at the hands of someone we all trust— unless you’re numb to the plaintiff’s tragedy.

    I am not impressed with the defendant’s status, profession or charisma or for that matter anyone who captured by their deceitful lies; the facts are written in the discovery.

    The surgery occurred in December 2016. The plaintiff’s confession has never changed.

    Initially, there were two procedures, a mini facelift, and liposuction, the total for both surgeons $10,000. When the first procedure was botched, damages sustained hearing loss and severe facial scarring; naturally, the plaintiff’s requested a refund of $7000; the defendant intended to keep that money by any means necessary. Therefore, the defendants sought retaliation deceitfully increased the cost of the first procedure; they invaded the plaintiff’s private bank account for those fraudulent funds.

    Sono Bello nor any employee initiate any discussion regarding this matter; the plaintiff received an email after the defendants removed the funds. This was highly unethical and shocking. To the best of my knowledge, the plaintiff’s medical and financial records were distributed to three separate businesses without the plaintiff’s knowledge or consent that’s problematic.

    What’s more terrifying is not knowing who else has the plaintiff’s personal and financial information. This is called a conversion. On several occasions, I was deprived of personal property without permission; as you read further, you will see the point. An envelope from the attorney general office:

    Enclosed were the plaintiff’s private medical records, a forged medical release form from the plaintiff (former attorney Kline Specter Law firm), and other documents.

    No one’s above the law; yeah, right, are you sure? Because when I mention Kline and Specter Law firm, the reaction don’t get involve and look the other way. For example, “they’re advertisement reveals they care about each client.” Then why was medical evidence not disclosed, and why did the Supreme Court acknowledge they dropped the ball? Or why did the Pennsylvania Bar Association justify ” they weren’t your attorney long enough to commit malpractice.” How long does it take to commit malpractice?

    What does any of this have to do with their conduct, performance, or the written contract between client and attorney? Nothing. This parable shares that certain people are authorized to take advantage, manipulate or use their resources to turn people’s lives upside down and walk away without any consequences; that means nothing more than they’re above the law. This is also demonstrating that a certain status is not liable or accountable for their actions. Honestly, what’s the difference between the defendant’s actions and Kline and Specter Law firm? From what you’ve read and as Kline and Specter client, how did Kline and Specter care about me? They’re displaying false advertisements; I pray for the George Floyd family and other innocent murdered victims; I also pray that it has awakened society and the people we all depend on to defend us, and not idly standby and allow these types of crimes to continue. Otherwise, all these deaths were in vain; that would be sad and disgusting. People hate to acknowledge the truth because they have to act accordingly. I’m still waiting for that day to arrive. Anyone that has the proper tools and allows this to happen to anyone should be ashamed of themselves it’s nothing to be proud of, it leaves a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    Summary, it never fails the plaintiffs mentions her former attorney-client relationship, everyone’s scattered, ducking and dodging in such a horrifying cowardly manner, and I’m portrayed as the bad guy? It’s has to be an omen. Why because a black female has the courage to shout, they did something illegal, and I deserve justice? HIPPA, PHI and my civil rights were violated. Respectfully, I’m exhausted and mystified by people who breathe just like me or perhaps not, maybe their gods. And their followers are idolatry worshippers. I apologize the content not to defend anyone; I just want answers why is a black person having such a difficult time convincing authorities these crimes happened to me; with evidence.

    As a whole, no one’s above the law doesn’t apply to everyone. Matthews 6:24. “No one can slave for two masters. You cannot slave for God and Riches”. It’s impossible to have friends, family and associates and still do what’s right you have no choice but to pick a side. Beside believe who they are if they screwed me around you don’t think they’ll do the same to you? My mother instilled everyone’s not your friend. Another biblical verse, “you must not testify falsely when you’re a witness again your fellow man. Precisely what the plaintiffs has experience, passing the buck, betrayal, fraud. Bias, hate, and corruption. Everything but compensation. You would not hear of this persecution if it were another race.

    The law was written for a reason. What does it mean to know the law and practice the law? In other words, knowing better and doing better two different things.

    Over the yeas, the plaintiff has written numerous letters over the years I have written The Pennsylvania State Medical Board,2601 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17110 and The Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division,950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001 regarding Sono Bello Body Contouring, Dr. Lyle Back, 676 Swedesford Road#250 Wayne, PA#19087, and ENT Richard Herman’s, Plastic Surgery, 2100 North Broad Street, Lansdale, PA 19446. Charges: Fraud in Medical Malpractice, invasion of privacy, conversion, and other criminal negligence charges.

    Fraudulent Misrepresentation involves intentional deceit.

    The defendant’s Misrepresentation of materials and conditions with the knowledge they were false and a reckless disregard for the truth. Damages suffered due to their misrepresentation damages and the injury sustained.

    The defendants’ trespassed and removed the plaintiff’s personal property, the owner (plaintiff) and wrongfully retained it is conversion. Conversion: Is the civil side of crimes related to theft, for instance, moving the Plaintiff’s funds without permission. They created a fake convincing billing statement.

    The plaintiff provided the following discovery: The United Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division the following documents. Citizens Bank, Jayaram Associates (defendant’s attorney), The Attorney General Office (defendant’s), The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Prosecutor Letter (defendant’s), and other documentation. This is not hearsay – The evidence presented is relevant to the issues, proving the facts in question and the defendant’s actions.

    Federal Statues Affecting Privacy Rights

    The defendant’s Sono Bello Body Contouring, Wayne, PA, released the plaintiff’s medical records without authorization; there is a growing need to protect the privacy of individual health information – particularly computerized records.

    Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. (HIPPA) in 1996. This act took effect on April 14, 2003, defines and limits the circumstances in which individual protected health information may use or disclosed. The HIPPA requires all healthcare providers and health plans, including certain employees who sponsor health plans to inform the patient (s) of their privacy rights and how their personal information will be used. The act states no document is disclosed to others without the individual permission. These protections are intended to assure the individual (s) health information is secured and not used for any purposes the patient has no knowledge or consent.

    Invasion of Privacy

    All people have the right to solitude and freedom from prying public eyes – in other words, to privacy. The courts implemented certain amendments to the US imply a right to privacy. Some state constitutions explicitly provide for privacy rights, as do a number of federal and state statutes. The defendant’s guilty of the following:

    Under the common law using a person name, picture or other likeness without permission is a tortious invasion of privacy. Intrusion into an individual’s affair or seclusion. For example, defendant’s invaded plaintiff’s bank account without permission is an invasion of privacy.

    False light. The defendant’s publication of information placed the plaintiff in a false light. Another category of invasion of privacy the deception attributed to the defendant’s idea actions wasn’t taken by the plaintiff. For example, there were no discussions of consents or authorization forms discussed with the plaintiff.
    Public disclosure of private affairs.The defendant’s invasion of privacy occurred when they publicly disclosed private facts about the plaintiff’s that is objectable and embarrassing. A financial affair is an actionable invasion of a privacy event if the information true because it is not of public concern.

    The defendant’s intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    In the dispute, the defendants provided a fraudulent billing statement to the bank confirming the surgery occurred; that was not the point. The surgery happened but not for the charges the defendants claim. The plaintiff’s disputing fraud amid other charges. The defendant’s forged documentation, in turn, provided these documents to the plaintiff’s financial institution without her knowledge or consent. When the plaintiff received a packet from Citizens Bank containing the plaintiff’s financial and medical records of the entire surgery, this was how the plaintiffs became aware of the breaches, forgery, and fraudulent activities. It didn’t matter the number of times the plaintiff attempted to share this revelation with the bank; they adamantly believed the merchant information was accurate; they were elated with the $7000, and that’s all that mattered. As time progressed, more information was revealed.

    The plaintiff wrote and contacted Citizens Bank multipliable times asking how did Citizens Bank receive the plaintiff financial and medical records without authorization that when Citizens Bank provided documentation conveying the merchant provided the plaintiff document in its entirety. Sono Bello, cannot deny these allegations their fax number and other pertinent information inscribed on each page, they faxed to Citizens Bank. The evidence or facts will not change.

    Second incident: The plaintiff received information from the Attorney General Office enclosed was additional information. A forged medical release form, unauthorized medical records and an omission from the defendant’s attorney disputing never issue plaintiff documents to Citizens Bank. Who’s telling the true? Citizens Bank or the defendants?

    Third incidence: Plaintiff documents were supplied to Kline and Specter Law firm.

    The defendant’s conveyed no knowledge of the plaintiff’s hearing loss or keloids. Review the plaintiff’s medical documents. Noted. The document reveals keloids. Since that time the plaintiff has three audiologist hearing tests, and each displays hearing loss. December 2020 was the last audiologist test. The plaintiff scream was so chilling; there’s something about hearing a person scream that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. What person would tolerate such an alarming sound and not question such distributing behavior; trust me, they knew.

    Lyle Back and Sono Bello’s discriminatory, deceitful lies intended to dehumanize the plaintiff. Nothing new blacks have placed in this same positions for years. And because he’s a doctor, everyone fell prey to his deception. In other words, despite the evidence, he’s a doctor; there’s no way he’s capable of committing any of these crimes. Well, the evidence and their attorney’s Jayaram omission proved everyone wrong.

    If my eye wasn’t infected causation the facelift surgery, I wouldn’t never revisit that racism facility. Again, no communication concerning any event of the surgery, consent form, or privacy rights. I will continue to convey this because every word is genuine, specifically since the documentation is explanatory. Everyone looked turned a blind eye, including the Commonwealth Prosecutor, Adams Williams, The State Medical Board, and The Department of Civil Rights. Like, I’m a piece of debris, so everyone’s testimony is she’s black, and they’re right. So, who’s fighting equality and humanity.

    ENT Plastic Surgery, Richard Herman,2100 North Street, Lansdale, PA 19446. Richard intentionally altered the plaintiff’s medical record; this is a crime and can also be used against him. However, he didn’t correctly mark or mention the reason for obscuring the information.

    I’m black; therefore, the defendants were not charged because they abused their power for the good of evil and personal gain. None of these defendants are above the law. Therefore, why do actions say otherwise; it’s your duty to make them accountable for their actions. Focus on diligently according to the law, not because of associations.

    This horrendous experiment has left me mortified, with depression and post- traumatic stress syndrome. I’ve been in therapy well over a year. I’m shattered there are so many other issues for instance, trust and sleepless nights just to name a few.

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