A polybutylene pipe class action lawsuit has ended, but a plethora of new claims remain. The plaintiffs are now seeking millions of dollars in damages. The number one cause of failure is improper municipal water treatment. In a 1995 case, the manufacturer settled for $950 million. While the monetary settlements are no longer being made, plumbers in the Valley are still seeing the problem. In some instances, entire subdivisions were built using this type of piping.

If you have a polybutylene pipe, you’re at a higher risk for water damage. These leaks can go unnoticed for years, which can lead to mold and deteriorated drywall. Additionally, polybutylene pipes can decrease the value of your home, and your insurer could deny or increase your coverage for the leaks. In some cases, a polybutylene pipe class action lawsuit can help you recover your money.

A polybutylene pipe class-action lawsuit was filed in 1995 against the Shell Oil Company.

This settlement gave affected homeowners $120 million in total. However, the affected homeowners cannot claim their money anymore because the settlement fund is now inactive. The lawsuit has been resolved and a $1.1 billion settlement has been reached. The lawsuit was filed after several lawsuits have been settled. You can learn more about the class action lawsuits here.

The lawsuit against Shell Oil Co. ended in 1995 and provided $120 million to the homeowners affected by the faulty polybutylene pipes. A settlement was reached in 1997 with DuPont, which manufactures the pipes and fittings. Unfortunately, the affected homeowners are no longer eligible to file a claim for damages, and both settlement funds are defunct. So, you may have to wait for a while before bringing a case against the manufacturer.

There are many types of PB plumbing claims.

These types of lawsuits have been filed by homeowners who have suffered plumbing leaks caused by faulty products. Since the class action lawsuits were filed in the early 1970s, polybutylene piping has been used for both in-home supply and water supply piping. There are two main types of PB leaks. If the faulty piping has been installed improperly, the damage will be permanent.

A polybutylene pipe class action lawsuit is the result of a settlement involving the manufacturer’s defective product. These types of claims must have occurred within a specific timeframe following the construction of a building. Depending on the type of piping, a homeowner may have to pay several thousand dollars to replace the pipes. However, the lawsuits may not be the only way to obtain a settlement.

The initial class action lawsuits centered around specific plumbing issues. Some of the most common are the leaks caused by polybutylene pipes. In most cases, the homeowner must have suffered from a plumbing leak within a certain time after the construction of the home. Often, it is only when the problem is discovered that a homeowner is entitled to a settlement. If this is the case, a homeowners’ insurance policy may cover the replacement costs.

A second polybutylene pipe class-action lawsuit was filed by the homeowner in Arkansas.

This case resulted in a settlement of $120 million for affected homeowners. The settlement was a class action, which meant that the affected homeowner must have a specific plumbing problem. Usually, the leak must happen within a particular timeframe after the construction of the home. In some cases, the repair of a leak will cost more than the lawsuit itself.

In other cases, the lawsuit was filed in a different state.

This lawsuit included both the manufacturers of polybutylene pipes and the homeowners who had them installed. It was the latter case that received the largest settlement, but it did not fully resolve the problem. The settlements were for the cost of replacing damaged homes. Some homeowners were awarded up to $1 billion, while others were left with nothing. It is not clear which method is the better choice.

The plaintiffs in this polybutylene pipe class action are the owners of houses constructed with this material. They have a similar type of plumbing system to the one in which the plumber used copper fittings. The pipes are often gray, but sometimes they are white. The fittings are connected with crimp rings made of copper or aluminum. The lawsuit includes homeowners and businesses with defective plumbing. The lawsuits are complicated and involve many facets of a household.

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    1. We have a 1983 mobile with the polybutylene pipes under our entire home. We did not have a home inspection, but do
      have a policy of home insurance. I have called them to check on coverage. Can we get in on this lawsuit? We’re looking at
      up to $8,000 to pipe.

  1. I bought my home in 2000 and have lots of polbutylene pipes. How to I file a class action suit for replacement?

  2. i would like to join we now have a water main issue with several leaks and water bills in the thousands of dollars.

  3. There was a lawsuit and homeowners were given funds to repair/replace polybutylene pipes yet they did not require proof that the work was done. Now years later new homeowners are stuck with paying for and completing the job. Is there a place where we can be reimbursed for this?

  4. I would like to join a class action suit. I just found out recently about this. I’ve had a major leak that had to be fixed about 10 years ago & today another is being fixed. Is this still possible?

    1. I would like to join the lawsuit we have had four leaks within the past 7 years all due to quest pipes the home was built in 1984. Would like more information thank you.

        1. In my homeowner inspection there was no mention of gray piping I would like to join a class action suit for replacement cost

  5. I bought a house had it inspected and never told about these pipes until a plumber came to fix leak. He suggested replace asap. What can I do to get help on cost of this project?

  6. Is there going to be a new Class Action for this Quest Pipe? I moved into a home May 2020 and we’ve suffered 2 pipe bursts with the last one running up a $300 water bill that is in excess of $270 – $280 above our normal water bill and usage. I was unaware of the issue with the pipes until we had our 1st bursts and had a plumber to come out afterhours to fix the initial pipe and we do not have the means to pay $10,000 plus for a total replumbing. This is the 3rd pipe burst that Im aware of since October 2019 which was before we occupied the home but that incident resulted in a home owners claim in excess of $35,000 in damages to a vacant, non-furnished property.

  7. I would like to join the class action lawsuit for polybutylene pipes. I’m in the state of Maryland and have a stack of repair receipts.

  8. I just found out I have a water leak making the water bills high and I’ve been here for 10 years How can I get reimbursed if I have it fixed

  9. I would like to join the class action law suit. Our pipes burst on sunday and caused enormous damage, cost to repair and replace plumbing is $17,000.

  10. I hope someone gets a class action suit together. I have had issues before and now being turned down for homeowners’ insurance because of existing polybutylene plumbing. The best estimate I got for replacing all the plumbing was $14,000.

  11. We recently had a PB pipe burst in one of the shower walls, and it is the first time we discovered we have PB piping. A real estate agent has advised us that the entire house will nee to be replumbled if we expect to sell it. Can we file any type of claim against the manufacturer of the pipes?

  12. I would like to join this class action suit everytime I turn around I half to have a pipe fix and I can’t afford this I’m on a fixed income.please let me know asap thank you

  13. I would like to join, I was told if you had brass fitting you were ok So they said I did not qualify
    I’m disabled as well

  14. I jus had to leaks fixed in my home .For a total of 4 leaks .I missed the Deadline and is having to deal with multiple leaks .I would like to join as well .

  15. I would like to join the class action lawsuit. I just had the bathroom pipe burst n now going thru fixing the flood damage/disaster. Both insurance adjuster n plumber strongly recommended to replace all the polybutylene pipes to prevent the next burst or leaking disaster from happening!!

  16. My house that I bought last year has these pipes. One broke and cost me 10,000 to fix. How can I claim a Reimbursement ?

  17. I would like to join a polybutylene class action lawsuit. We purchased a home in the Outer Banks which we live year round in. We have had a number of pipes burst and now we are living in a situation where we have to shut down the water to entire house prior to leaving, even if just running to the store. This is a huge problem. The costs are going to be extremely high to replace all this piping.

  18. I would like to be part of any class action law suit. Need plumbing work done and no one in my area will work on this type of piping.

  19. I’ve paid a plumber about 15 years ago to fix a leaking pipe that flooded my bedroom. They had to cut into the foundation to repair. About 5 years ago I had another pipe leak behind my dining room wall. The wall was bulging and the drywall had to be replaced and repainted. Then when I changed homeowners insurance, they wouldn’t cover my house until I had the whole house re-piped. I never new of the class action lawsuit. My home was built in 1990 and most people in my subdivision have had to have their homes re-piped as well. Is there anything we can do now?

  20. I had a home built in 1995, was told it was pex, but it is polybutylene, I have had major leaks since,, actually have one now, I would really love to jump both feet in a lawsuit against this company, ty

  21. Our home has the polybutylene plumbing and when we bought this house that was not disclosed to us. We would have never bought this house had we known. This home was built in 95′ I believe. We had a major leak with damage and had to call in a plumber and use our homeowners insurance to fix it. That is when we were told about this polybutylene piping.

  22. I would like to be included in a class action Lawsuit, Naples, Florida, as this was just found by a professional, plumbing company in my condo. I am having a total repipe done April, 25, 2022.

    1. Need my polybutylene pips replaced did not know of the pipe issue or of the cost that would have trying. to fix this problem the leaks the floor damage ,carpet damage need to join this lawsuit please help. Have had problems ever since I bought this home. Jack

  23. I would like to join the class action lawsuit. We have had problems with the plumbing in our house since 1986 when it was built.

  24. Hello, my name is Loriann Rice I would like a class action lawsuit. We were not aware of out poly pipes until the winter when our pipes busted. We had a plumber come out and inspect our pipes. He told us about the pipe problem but said it was going to cost more than 10 to 15 grand fix the issues. We don’t have homeowners’ insurance and even if we did, they would not touch it on a 1995 mobile home. We cannot afford to fix that plumbing problem. I really need this one fixed or I need enough to buy a new single wide home. We were not aware of the pipe issue or the lawsuit when we bought the home.
    Thank you

  25. I bought this house in 1998 and several times over the years have had leak issues. Today had a major leak and damage to drywall and ceiling. Never knew of the class action situations over the years and now MUST replace all water lines. I live in Delaware. Let’s Go Brandon!!

    PS – I would be very wiling to join in on class action lawsuit- please advise.

  26. I had my house re-plumbed W. this in 1995 & understand the material was outlawed in 1996–just had leak fixed & want to join lawsuit.

  27. When we purchased our home, we were not informed that it had polybutylene pipes and that there was a problem with this. Our home was inspected through FHA. We have had numerous leaks. We have a box full of fittings and pipe that have been removed. We are now retired and are not able to replace these pipes. Please include us in the class action law suit.

  28. I have polybutylene pipes in my house also. It was built in 1993. I would like to be part of the class action lawsuit to replace my piping.

  29. I have a slab leak. I had two companies come and do estimates. They both said I needed to do the whole house because I have polybutylene pipes. Apparently, you can fix one leak but there might be another one coming shortly. I would love to be a part of a lawsuit because my home inspector did not notify me of these pipes.

  30. I would like to join a polybutylene class action lawsuit. We closed on our home (manufactured home) November 2020. Lender didn’t require a home inspection. Our hall bathroom had leak and required subfloor, walls, etc be replaced due to extensive damage.

  31. Just found out that I have to get the whole house done because of the polybutylene pipes. I would like to join a class action lawsuit.

  32. We have a townhouse/condominium community of over 500 inits, all of which were constructed with polybutylene supply lines. Our property insurer is threatening to terminate our entire communities policy if we do not complete a total replacement of these lines in short order. The cost is falling on the individual unit owners as the supply lines are not considered Common Elements.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Would like to join lawsuit. Pipes were connected or joined behind walls of a mobile home on cement block with no basement. Pipes had slow leaks and gypsum walls to absorbed water and caused mold to grow up the side of the wet walls five plus feet until gravity would not let capillary action to work any higher. Visible side of gypsum wall on rooms usually covered with plastic or vinyl so damage not visible until finally slow leak appeared on vinyl flooring. Beneath vinyl floors the chipboard flooring gets wet, expands and weakens. Units like this need new piping, new walls, and new flooring.

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