There is many Sonobello Class Action Lawsuits that have been filed in the United States. One of the most popular ones is filed by a man named Erickson against his former employer, Blue Man Group. Erickson was employed at the BM Group for approximately fifteen years. At some point, he became dissatisfied with the working conditions he was being forced to work under and decided to file a class action lawsuit against the company. While this is typical of a class action lawsuit, what makes this one particularly interesting is that the dispute that Erickson has filed stems from his actual departure from the BM Group. Instead of simply collecting money as a result of the suit, however, he insists that his troubles began much before he ever had an encounter with the company’s employees.

So how did this man get into such trouble? It all begins with the way in which he filled out the application required for employment with the BM Group. Erickson never disclosed that he had ever been employed by the BM Group. The application asked for information about hobbies, sports, and interests, none of which are mentioned in the resume that Erickson provided. Because Erickson failed to mention that he had once worked for the Atkins Corporation, his application was rejected.

This is where the story starts to get interesting.

Two weeks later, a man named Robert S. attempted to purchase the Blue Man Group from Erickson. S/he did not have the financial resources to purchase the entire company. However, when he tried to handle the domain name, he encountered a problem: the registrar for the domain name had blocked it. Because of this issue, S/he could not proceed with the case.

The next thing that happened to the case was that S/he quickly realized that the problem with Erickson’s resume was not what he thought it was.

While the attorney was attempting to file the lawsuit, S/he noticed that there were many errors on the application, which greatly affected the case. In addition, many of the attorneys who had handled the initial case for the Blue Man Group were no longer involved. This discovery would prove to be very helpful in the overall effort to save the Sonobello Class Action Lawsuit.

One of the biggest problems that attorneys have faced in trying to win a class action lawsuit is determining if the complaint contains sufficient factual support.

In the case of Sonobello, it was discovered that the complaint contained a large number of fabrications. Specifically, one of the items that were fabricated were actual debts that the Blue Man Group owed to the Atkins Corporation. Since the Atkins Corporation was one of the defendant companies in the case, this created a conflict of interest for the attorney handling the case. It also created a situation where one of the main witnesses in the case had become disinterested in the case, thereby creating a major problem.
In addition, many times, attorneys would fail to properly prepare their case for court.

For example, one of the main financial investors in the Blue Man Group had a huge conflict of interest, as well. He had received numerous death threats from Atkins Corporation employees and had been threatened by members of the Atkins Corporation during the time he lived in Florida. His wife had also received numerous threatening phone calls and letters. The attorney responsible for the case did not have adequate protective surveillance equipment to adequately protect him from these threats.

Another example of how attorneys can come up short when pursuing a case in the Class Action Lawsuit was illustrated in another case in Florida.

A former member of the Atkins Corporation took the Atkins Company to task for withholding safety data from an employee’s company. This data would have been able to help the employee make a safer safety decision. However, the Atkins Company chose to suppress this evidence, thus depriving the employee of his workers’ compensation benefits. This would have been a difficult case to litigate because the evidence was crucial to proving the safety decision was both reasonable and safe.

There are many other examples of how attorneys can come up short in their cases. These problems can be avoided if the attorney has adequately prepared their case for court. There are many resources that can be used to prepare a case for court, including legal research, hiring a quality attorney, and hiring the services of a competent lawyer. It is not enough to simply put together a compelling litigation brief, nor is it enough to simply file in an acceptable legal filing form. Each action must be supported with appropriate legal documents, accurate and detailed litigation filings, as well as an adequate and timely discovery strategy.

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  1. Is there a Sono Bello class action suit?
    There advertising is false. They say Fat cells are gone permanently. This is false and I have the proof.
    I have never done this before and I don’t know how to find an attorney.

    1. Me also. I spent $8000. 6 months ago and already had a blood clot in my lower tummy and had to have my own family Dr. Send me to surgeon to get 5 big tubes of blood drained. Now a month later it’s back and I don’t know how to sue or get my money back

      1. I had a procedure done I. 2021 which they had to remove fat from my stomach. The very next week my belly looked the same, so I reached out to the intake person and she said give it time. I have done the venus Treatments and followed all their instructions. Today I had an appointment and I had to leave because the doctor was in surgery. I live in New Jersey, its very expensive to travel to New York, then I was turned away. What can I do?

        1. I have the same issue. I had my surgery. 2022 is literally almost a year now and my belly still looks like the same. I still have the puffy belly. I went back and then the surgeon told me oh he took out all the fat, but I will have to get tummy tuck and my belly does not look saggy so I don’t understand why he needs me to go get another additional 12 000 for another surgery. When I read that if you’re not happy with the first surgery as long as you don’t gain extra weight they can do a second one for you. But the doctor is refusing to do it for me. He’s asking me to maybe come back out in like 12 months to get a tummy tuck from him and to pay that $12k. I need help.

  2. I have made multiple attempt to have sonobello respond to my complaints and they have not. Please include me in any class action that is being filed against them.

  3. I want to join the class action lawsuit against Sono Bello please my name is Carla Cannon. I had surgery done in 2017 a revised surgery is done in 2018 they tried to give me another surgery now in 2021 doctor was late for the appointment then my money was finally refunded back not all in total.

  4. I wish to join the class action suit for a number of reasons. I suffered permanent hearing loss, and facial scarring. They commented a federal crime altered contacts to fraudulent steal thousands of dollars out of my bank account for services that wasn’t rendered They violations HIPPA by distributing my private medical records without written consent?

  5. The correction to the above complaint against Sono Bello ‘s. They committed a federal crime against the bank by alternating contracts to retrieve thousands of dollars for services that’s wasn’t rendered. The evidence was their documentation explains they never provided the bank my private information because they wasn’t authorized. So how did the receive the documents. Is a better question? No one’s above the law than no more excuses for anyone.

  6. Completely botched surgery, $ 7,000 down the drain , didn’t lose anything, in fact my body isn’t even, hopefully I get my money back , bc a revision would kill me , it was very painful, and I felt every bit of pain , and no aftercare help at all , I have an appointment next week, they were nice on the phone to get a consultation with another one if their doctors.

    1. My procedure was the single most painful thing I’ve ever endured. My Wife said it was ore painful than childbirth. Neither of us have noticed any significant change in our appearance, either. Very disappointing and expensive.

    2. Are you in a class action lawsuit against Sono Bello ? If you are I would like to join I had a revision done because it was so horrible the first time and now it made it worse and they did additional areas to try and make me happy but it did nothing in the extra areas they added they went on my back shoulder blades and I have huge purple scars that are raised up I asked them about them after the surgery because they were big deep holes and they kind of looked infected I sent them pictures they said that they would heal up fine they did not

  7. I want to be included in the lawsuit. Trisculpt procedure and the fat is coming back. The doctor is refusing to do a revision. They are full of empty promises.

  8. I want to join a class action suit against Sono Bello, they will not give me my refund for the deposit that I put down for a procedure that I never had, I never saw a doctor and I sent certified letters, emails and phone calls requesting my $2,568.00 refund with ZERO RESPONSE from them! THIS COMPANY IS ACTING IN AN UNETHICAL, ILLEGAL MANNER! They should have their pants sued off of them, their “contract” is such BS and I from what I see, they are RIPPING PEOPLE OFF LEFT AND RIGHT WITH NO REGRETS OR RECOURSE!

    1. I’m having the same issue here in Dallas Texas. They refuse to respond to my request for a refund. Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit?

  9. I. Had sono bello done a year ago The surgery was painful alit of burning. On one side which is the left pelvic bone is alot larger than other side I payed 10000 I feel ripped off

  10. Had Laser Liposuction in August 2019; to this date I still suffer from nerve damage
    After close to three years my abs are starting to look the same as if I never had the procedure.
    I was promised minimal scaring. This was not the case.

    1. I’ve had it done and the revision my abs were fine and together before surgery but they damaged my wall and now I have a ventricle hernia and I have distacis from it I told them about it and they said well you can’t prove it if you’re joining a class action please let me know I want to join

  11. So bc some of the people lied , the real people get screwed , why not accept a client until they bring you the forms , emails , before and after pics , receipts first before taking them on as a client, so we can start a class action suit , bc this destroyed me emotionally, financially, traumatized me , & embarrassed me.

  12. Is there a class action lawsuit for Sono Bello in OKC I want to join everything they said was a lie and they took so much money it was so painful and I have so many scars and two big ones on my back that are sticking out and discolored I also have diestasis in a ventricle hernia now because they damaged my wall and they said I couldn’t prove it so it wasn’t their problem

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