The first polybutylene pipe class-action lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Greene County, Alabama. The plaintiff, Spencer, alleged that the defendants were negligent and/or fraudulent in the production and sale of the piping. The defendants denied any legal liability. The case settled for approximately one billion dollars in part with du Pont. However, this settlement is not enough to fix the problem. To make sure that the polybutylene pipes in the US are safe for use, the plaintiffs must present evidence that demonstrates that their products are safe for use.

The polybutylene pipes were designed to be cheap, but they develop leaks over time.

As a result, they often become infected with chemicals from the water. The leaks can cause a lot of damage to the home. This type of piping is also prone to bursting and breaking. In addition to the leaks, these pipes can leak through joints and inside walls. If you suspect that your PB piping system leaks, contact a plumber to inspect it.

Although it may seem that this lawsuit is too old to be successful, there is still a chance that the law can help homeowners. For instance, the state of Arkansas has ruled that a homeowner can file a lawsuit in the state of Arkansas for defective polybutylene pipes. This case is still active, but it has been thrown out with prejudice and cannot be refiled. For now, it is safe to say that homeowners should take note of the plumbing system in a new home. While you aren’t required to disclose polybutylene piping, a visual inspection is generally enough to determine whether or not the pipe is unsafe.

Ultimately, the best way to protect yourself is to inspect your pipes. If you discover that you’ve been affected by this type of piping, you should take action now and make sure to fix the problem right away. The polybutylene pipe manufacturers have yet to admit liability in these cases. A $1.1 billion fund was set aside specifically for these claims. But the case isn’t over yet. And this is not to say that all homeowners are eligible to file a lawsuit against the companies. The only certain thing is that you should hire a licensed plumbing contractor or plumber to evaluate your plumbing.

The first polybutylene pipe class-action lawsuit against DuPont accounted for $600 million.

In the meantime, another settlement involving the DuPont company, meanwhile, was able to recover more than $120 million for affected homeowners. The class actions in Arkansas and California were largely unsuccessful because of the lack of transparency in the lawsuits. The plaintiffs in the other cases cited the PB pipes in both states as being defective and must be compensated accordingly.

In the 1980s, a polybutylene pipe class-action lawsuit was filed against Quest. The company never admitted any liability for the defective piping but agreed to settle the claims of the consumers. Moreover, the firm agreed to pay the entire cost of the class action. If you have a claim against the company, you should contact the manufacturer of the pipe. If you do, you will have the ability to file a polybutylene pipe class action.

The Polybutylene pipe class-action lawsuit was filed in Tennessee, and the case against the Shell Oil Co. settled for $950 million.

The settlement paid for the cost of replacing leaky pipes and repairing damaged plumbing systems. In the meantime, many homeowners still have problems with faulty piping. The company’s website has been deactivated. If you have a polybutylene pipe, you should consider repiping.

Another polybutylene pipe class-action lawsuit was filed in California. This case was filed in the United States District Court of Justice. The case was filed by two homeowners who were affected by the defective pipe. After the court case was resolved, a settlement was reached between the three companies. Despite the billion-dollar settlement, many homes in the region still have polybutylene pipe problems. The problem was not discovered until the late 1990s, but homeowners should check for these pipes if they have a concern.

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  1. Help, bought house was told the pIpes were copper and PVC but I have I poly pipes and have gone though one issue that was covered by insurance. I need help pipe replacement would be $11000.00

    Thank you
    Suzan Rhodes
    1909 26th st.

  2. Purchased mobile home on lot last year. Just learned that leaks under the underpinning is due to polybutylene pipes requiring $6,700 in repairs. I want to join the class action law suit. Property is in North Carolina.

  3. Very upset that I was not informed that a class action lawsuit against Cox v. Shell Oil company on polybutylene pipe.
    I have a mobile home that have this pipe. We had a very bad leak behind my garden tub do not know how long the leak,but mole had form and had to replace the whole bathroom the insurance company wouldn’t pay all of it I had to come out of my pocket with some of the money and I was very upset with that. I’m going to seek and I do another class action suit against these company or whoever put this pipe in my home but I am very very very upset with the situation and we have changed the piping three times in my home and I think we should be compensated for the cost or have someone to come out and replace it for free.

  4. Have a condo I bought a few years ago. Now trying to sell it and it has the Poly Butyl piping in the attic ceiling throughout the unit. While trying to sell the property the home inspection revealed the piping in the report. Now the new owner can’t get insurance so I have to replace the piping in order for the sale to move forward. Approx 6 thousand dollars. I have asked the Condo Association to pick up the tab because the by laws says they are responsible for plumbing in any unfinished walls…aka attic ceiling. The entire 6 unit building is plumbed using this pipe. Please advise

    1. I need to know if there are any Class Action Suits in Alabama against the makers of Polybutylene pipes still active? Our joists and flooring are rotting with the floors caving in, we can barely walk on them without them fallen through

  5. we have been living in our house since 1989 and just resently discovered that our joists and flooring is rotting severely ! is there some class action suits open in Alabama that could help me with this problem?

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