How to Use Drivetime Class Action Lawsuit to Your Advantage

Drivetime Class Action Lawsuit is a lawsuit that has been growing increasingly famous and the plaintiff’s attorneys are making a lot of money from it. A class action lawsuit can be filed when a car manufacturer utilized a defective part in one of their automobiles, which negatively impacted many individuals. Another good example is a telephone or banking company doing an unfair practice against a number of its customers. Any one of these lawsuit examples can make a very good case for having a class action lawsuit filed against the defendant.

There have been many cases of harmfully deceptive practices on the part of corporations.

For instance, a large oil company gouged the public by regularly paying “staggering” royalty rates to royalties and trying to use these payments to pay for its own expenses and to keep its oil reserves “full.” When this occurred, the public became suspicious and soon began to question whether these large oil companies were taking advantage of the cost of drilling for oil in order to increase their profits. They soon learned that the company regularly sends out thousands of class action lawsuit checks to each of the individuals who purchase its products. Subsequently, the shareholders of the oil company decided to charge higher dividends to their shareholders in order to pay for the cost of drilling for oil and to increase their profits.

A similar example would include a bank that regularly pays thousands of dollars in “lockup bonus” profits to its account members and does not compensate them with a percentage of the actual settlement amount.

This bank regularly sends out thousands of class action settlement checks to its account members, each of which contains a pre-determined dollar amount of settlement money. Once the case begins in court, the bank will attempt to defeat the case by denying all of the class action settlement checks that are sent to the account members. The bank will do whatever it takes to prevent the release of the monies it requires from the plaintiffs. The same could occur in a case such as yours where you have filed a claim.

In either situation, you stand to make a substantial amount of money if the court allows your class action lawsuit to proceed and awards you a settlement amount.

If the settlement amount is less than the costs of production, you will be able to recoup your losses. If, on the other hand, the settlement amount is more than the costs of production, you stand to lose everything.

Another reason for your having to buy more Drivetime class action lawsuit checks is because there are so many more plaintiffs available than defendants in this type of lawsuit.

There are millions of plaintiffs out there who are entitled to a settlement amount or cash payment who currently have no opportunity to receive a check. In your case, there are thousands of class members who are presently experiencing the exact same injustice as you. Even though the company has been in business for several years, it is not a small problem company by any means. Many customers have voiced complaints that the quality of their merchandise has changed dramatically over the years.

If the company has not already done so, you may want to consider forming a class in order to demand a higher percentage of your settlement. When the company sells Drivetime class action settlement checks to each of its class members, they will be sent at least one payment that is much smaller than what you would have expected if you had received a settlement check from Drivetime itself. Furthermore, since the settlement is typically much smaller, you will be able to save a lot of money on your premiums by taking advantage of the cheaper rate that you can get with class action lawsuit funding.

You should also consider purchasing additional insurance on your property if you already have homeowners insurance.

You may find that if your lawsuit funds are not immediately available, you may actually have to pay a substantial amount on your homeowner’s insurance policy before you can recoup your losses. Many times, people who are filing this type of lawsuit will be required to replace the items that they claim were lost or stolen. Many people who purchase extra insurance will find that the price they paid for the extra premium will more than make up for the savings that they will receive by receiving and using your lawsuit settlement. If you do not currently own homeowner’s insurance, you should strongly consider purchasing it as soon as possible.

The last thing that you should do in order to obtain the most benefit from your lawsuit is to join as many of your fellow plaintiffs as possible. If you take part in a class action lawsuit, you will be in common company with many other class members who have won similar cases. The more members that you belong to, the more likely that your claim will be successful. You will also receive added representation by your attorneys, and you may be able to negotiate a better settlement deal with the company that you have filed the suit against. Therefore, joining as many people as possible is always a good idea.

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  1. I would love to show the paperwork that drives time tried to get me for I’m taking my car back on Monday like the 5 days it allows me and giving it back me and my husband lives on a fixed income and they used unsure ways they wanted us to pay 25,000 dollars on a 2011 car and only worth 9 000 blue book value I can understand they need to make money but that’s just awful unsury practices.

    1. Well I wish I would have followed the same advice you did but unfortunately they got me not only did they charge me almost $30,000 for a $12,000 car but I was involved in that accident shortly afterwards I purchased it and insurance companies telling me it’s a total loss and I can’t even get the vehicle back and I still have to pay for the vehicle so I’m like what’s really going on this is my first time buying a car and I feel I have been totally duped and I will stick to buying auction cars for now on at least there’s somewhat reliable

  2. I understand they are charging a daily late rate not included in the initial purchase agreement. Now they were called on it and are telling clients about the fee. They also if you are late, put your late payments on the end of your loan without telling you. I don’t think that was fair because you are charged more money.

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