A class-action lawsuit was filed against Sunrun Inc., a solar panel company, in California Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by selling solar products and using automated phone dialers and prerecorded messages. The class-action suit was settled two years ago. Loftus alleged that he received more than eight calls from Media Mix before he canceled the contracts. In January of this year, Loftus answered one of these calls and heard a pause and click. He immediately contacted Sunrun and asked them not to call him again but he continued to receive the calls.

The settlement includes a $5 million price tag that will be divided between a common settlement fund for class-action class members.

The company is expected to pay approximately $57 per class member. As a class-action lawsuit, the plaintiff would receive an average of $3,600. The class-action suit is still pending in California. But there’s no need to give up hope. The plaintiff’s attorneys have filed a case against Sunrun.

The Sunrun class-action lawsuit has reached a tentative settlement. The price tag of $5. 5 million will go to a common settlement fund for class members. Each person in the class would receive compensation of $57. The plaintiff, Susan Knapp, led the lawsuit and cited multiple instances of unsolicited calls from Sunrun’s representatives promoting its solar equipment. Her number was registered on the National Do Not Call Registry since 2009 and had never been used by the company.

The Sunrun lawsuit includes two classes – the owners of Sunrun, and the consumers who were contacted by them.

Both classes claim that the company violated the TCPA and acted negligently. The class-action suits could potentially cost the company anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per call, depending on the severity of the violation. A final hearing is scheduled for May 6, 2021. Until then, Sunrun has the upper hand and will continue to fight against any violations of the TCPA.

The Sunrun class action lawsuit has been filed by a California consumer who claims the company violated the TCPA. The plaintiff claims that the company has repeatedly called her and ignored her requests to opt out of unsolicited calls. The plaintiff says that she had a National Do Not Call registry since 2009, but despite this, Sunrun continues to call her. The complaint claims the company had complied with the TCPA in the state of California.

Several companies have filed similar lawsuits against Sunrun.

This one, however, is being tried in state court, and the judge is not expected to rule on the case. The lawsuit aims to limit the amount of time that the company has to respond to the allegations. It is also based on the number of customers it has served. The California Public Utilities Commission has approved five percent rate increases for Southern California Edison and the Pacific Gas & Electric company this year.

The Sunrun lawsuit is divided between two classes of consumers. The lawsuit claims that the defendants violated the TCPA by sending text messages and making unauthorized calls to the plaintiff’s cell phone. While this is a class-action lawsuit, it may be difficult to prove in the courts. Moreover, a settlement will prevent the company from facing further legal costs and risks. The class-action suits against Sunrun have been dismissed in many states.

A class-action lawsuit against Sunrun has been approved in federal court.

The class-action lawsuit alleges that the company used illegal robocalling techniques to collect information about consumers. As a result, the company is now paying out $5.5 million to its customers. Until the trial, the plaintiffs have the right to appeal this settlement in federal court. While the lawsuit will not resolve the case, it will still affect its brand and reputation.

The class-action suit against Sunrun alleges that the company violated the TCPA by sending texts and making unsolicited calls to residents. The plaintiffs’ claims against the company are not limited to the TCPA but include other laws as well. Although the lawsuit does not specifically mention the legalities, the company is claiming that its actions violated the TCPA. These laws require companies to disclose the nature of their services.

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  1. I filed a pro se federal court action – styled Timothy Aguilar v. Sunrun Inc – Case # 4:22-CV-00694 in the U.S. Dist. Court for the Southern Dist. in Houston Division – this company utilizes a call center out of the United States to make its call to consumers, spoofs the caller ID and even allows for its representatives from out of the country to use American names – alias of course.

  2. My late-husband Joe was in mental decline when he agreed to have solar panels placed on our 16 year old roof. Joe died on November 2021 (12 days before his 73rd birthday), 9 months after these panels were installed.

    The first solar company who came to my house I discouraged them and they left.

    But then Joe made arrangements with this Sunrun company behind my back when I was at work. I found out that they were going to install these panels much later when my husband already signed a contract with Sunrun.

    No one wanted to buy my house because of the solar panel loan. They do not want to assumethe Sunrun loan in addition to the mortgage, etc.

    Now the roof is 17 years old, the homeowners insurance premium is twice as much, almost $5,000. Prospective buyers are requiring a new roof (which will cost me $17,000) and this should bring down the premium of the homeowners insurance for the buyer.

    Sunrun wants to charge $6,000 to remove and replace the panels.

    The payoff amount is nearly $30,000 for the solar panels.

    My name is not on the contract with Sunrun. I want to know if I am still legally responsible for paying Sunrun even though I did not agree to this and I did not sign any contract. I want to hold them responsible for putting a set of panels on old roof. And I also feel that they took advantage of my husband in his state of mental decline & age. Joe had been taken advantage of by scammers before because he was very trusting and vulnerable.

    I have found some lawsuits against Sunrun and I have already reached out to those attorneys but I have not heard back from them yet.

    1. Judy,
      Would you please contact me. What city are you located in. I have similar situation, maybe we have common interests. I am exploring methods to go after these bandits.
      Dean Estes

          1. Hello, I am in need to talk to someone about my issues with Sun Run as well. I am in Los Angeles California, and they installed panels, and I had issues with installers, wall issues, roof issues and leaking that happened during the big storms in early 2023. Not sure if someone can contact me?

    2. Hello Judy,
      My name is Kathy Newman, the same thing happened to m. Total Elder Abuse and he didn’t even own 100% of the property. Made him sign a contract on Christmas Eve when grieving for his wife who had just passed away. Please contact me.

  3. Last September we got Sunrun but actually we never got it they’ve dragged on for almost a year now and still can’t get it approved they said they would do it May 7 well it’s May 10 let’s see if they do it they have Costs money because our power was off for a week and it cost us $1000 for propane for a generator it should’ve been turned on they need to compensate us time is suffering we were freezing in our animals almost died because we had to live in one room to heat that house up

    1. I’m in dire straights for the second time. It took 5 months to install panels then 8 to turn them on, while I was told maximum 45 days. I paid well over 1500.00 in electric bills that time and was given a thousand dollar gift card not allowed for use for my Bill. As of June 3rd unknowingly my solar was shut off and my electric company was taking money out (autopay) so I didn’t realize until November 22. I called them up to let them know and was told that they became aware that panels went off in September. If I didn’t call this wouldn’t have been brought to my attention. They never contacted me via email, phone calls or texts. They have also been taking 144.00 every month including this month for their own fee WHILE their panels weren’t working. I’m disabled without income, this is killing me. Living in Florida without ac not running my pool barely able to use my laundry unless absolutely necessary. All I get from them is talking in circles being very rude and abrupt trying to gaslight someone with mental health issues as well as dementia, which unfortunately they are aware of. They refuse to compensate me. I am an emotional wreck and very close to having my psychiatrist admit me into the hospital. Please can anyone help me. They also refuse to remove the panels.
      Thank you, Amy Forbes

  4. I’ve read the negative reviews but none of the reviews spoke about any savings or complained about the actual operations of the panels nothing was said negative about price change or there bill wasn’t lowered that’s my concern

  5. Sunrun has made so many mistakes with my paperwork and then blamed it all on me. They were given specific instructions and ignored them and due to them ignoring the request they never sent a bill out to us. They came with a handwritten note that was taped to my door for shutting down my system if I did t pay all I owed in 30 days. I called and explained I never received any bills at all and that I would set up a payment plan. I set up a payment plan only for them to take out all I owed from my account even though I had a payment plan. I was told that was a mistake that they don’t do payment t plans and I know owe the whole amount or the will shutdown system in the summer when it is mostly sunny everyday. I finally got a manager to fix the problem and give back my money, only to have the check bounce because of yet another screw up with them and paperwork. Once again my account was overdrawn and all they said is we can send another check. Well who wants another check from a huge company that bounces again. They refused to direct deposit it to my account and wanted me to wait another three days for them to send a check. I am beyond frustrated with them and hope this reaches someone who can still get out of their contract before you have as many problems as me. They are too big of a company and their customer service is in Columbia, Philippines and the language barrier is real. The managers just keep saying sorry let’s fix this but there is no fix to customer service with bad training and mistakes that cost consumers money. BEware and warn friends. Do t do it without looking at reviews.

  6. I have a lease contract for 20 years with Sunrun. They installed solar panels in my roof with the intention of lowering my electric bills with PG&E. However, I am paying a huge electric bills now from PG&E on top of the Sunrun billing which is contrary to what they told me in the beginning. I called PG&E to inquire why. I was told that the kWh generated by Sunrun is very low compared to my consumption of energy. I called Sunrun for them to check their panels why the production is low but they never come and check if it is functioning properly. They told me that they are producing enough to cover my usage but PG&E said no. I got both NEM charges of $1,475. from PG&E and Clean Energy charges from the City of San Jose due to inadequate production of power from Sunrun panels. I called Sunrun to come and inspect what is wrong so that they can add more panels to cover the shortage in KWH but they do not like to take action.
    Before the installation of the panels, I requested that they should add more panels but they refused and said that I do not need it. Now I ended up paying more because the kwh generated is not enough to cover my household needs.

  7. i had nothing but trouble with sunrun. the working status of the panels that had put on were not even working. not showing any khw., on line. i have had 14 panels from vivint in 2013 thats how i new it wasnt working. because the one fron vivint generated khw. i was told i would have the same contract as vivint which i paid small monthly pay and had a tiuneup fee at end of year. well the rep for sunrun stated to me if igot the panels i would have no tuneup fee, but they failed to tell mne i had a lease which will cost me 295.00 amonth. which i dont have that with vivint. the tuneup fee for vivint usually costs me 1,600.00 at end of the year. but if yoou estimate the panels i got from sunrun it will cost me 295.00 month and with vivnt is usally 85.00. so if you calulate the vivint and sunrun for year it will be 3,540.00 with sunrun and maybe 800.00 with vivint. it will caost me about 4,300.00 a year, so i see that they mislead me on the leasing part of the contract , which iam not leasing with vivint.so its going to cost me more with sunrun with the leasing part. because wit vivint the 800.00 and the tune-up fee would be 2,400.00 a year thats over 2,00.00 more. so if there is a cllass action suit i would like to be a part of it .

  8. I had a problem with Sunrun, they installed solar panels at my home in Bakersfield, this was in 2020, they failed to provide the service correctly. It took several months for them to complete the installation, waay more than the initial estimation. Then the panels never produced any energy at all. I called them several times requesting the fixing of that, long waiting times in the automated phone answering machine to finally talk to a representative without any positive results. I filed a complaint at BBB against them, this was when I was moving out to another state and my house was on sale. They fixed the problem but didn’t want to pay the electricity bill that I had to pay, over one thousand dollars plus a bonus of $500 that they promised after the panels were fully installed. They claim in the contract that the panels would produce more energy that we would need even in summer and that there will be a surplus in favor of the PG&E company, and that I would have the option to cash that from PG&E or keep it as a cumulative credit. I was paying the monthly dues to Sunrun until the cancellation of the contract because I sold the house, they created a new contract for the new owner. Still they owe me the money that I paid to PG&E plus the bonus of $500 that Sunrun promised. When I filed the complaint through BBB I requested the payment of the over $1500 that they owe me, and it could be even more if we consider that the installation of the solar panels was delayed for months. I want Sunrun to pay at least the $1507.84 that they owe for not abiding by what they promised, for breach of contract.

    1. I understand the frustration that other customers feel. I paid $50,000 for pre-paid 25 year lease in Jan 2022. The system stopped working in Aug 2022 and after several months waiting for 2 technicians to arrive and fix it, they still didn’t fix it. It’s now Dec 2022 and next appointment scheduled for technician to arrive is in Jan 2023!

  9. I was a victim of Sunrun deceptive practices and when I changed my mind they refuse to remove panels even after the sales agent verified these deceptive practices.

  10. Sunrun didn’t disclose we would still be paying So-Cal Edison more money than we did without solar. Now we have a bill from Edison for over $1300 and they won’t do anything about it. They wlll not contact So-Cal Edison even though they keep stating there is no reason for the charge. So-Cal Edison states we were no informed from Sun Run to expect this. Now we are going to have to pay Sun Run plus So-Cal plus payment plan for $1300. Somebody needs to stop these lying nasty people for good. .

      1. Sun Run installed the panels on my roof back in November 2022, and up to this date (July 14, 2023) it is not activated. I called several times to inquire and my call/s were bounced around (if i can get through). Most telephone numbers given by SunRun customer service were no good. There was an issue after they installed the panels, my roof started a leak and they refused to acknowledge it.

  11. I live in Texas and have plenty of sun. We have sunrun system but our grib electric bill is so high like we don’t have solar. Actually even higher before solar. Last month was $306, this month is $456. Sunrun contract says we would have 102% offset.
    I’m sick and tired of these greedy liers.
    I want to sue.

  12. Sunburn is a disaster my son and his wife are presently living with me due to toxic mold caused by water leaking from solar panels

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