Driving Under Influence

Driving under influence of alcohol and legal and illegal drugs is a serious crime that is met with harsh consequences. When a person is intoxicated with alcohol or any drug that might alter his mental state, and he is driving, he might end up in a roadside accident. Sometimes, such accidents can be fatal. Therefore, strict rules have been designed to prevent DUI cases to a minimum.

If you have been caught driving under influence, you might be in great trouble. Here is how a DUI case can ruin your life, and how you can protect yourself.

How DUI Can Ruin Life?

If you have been caught driving under the influence of alcohol, or evenĀ DUI Cannabis can ruin your life in the following ways.

1. Termination Of Driving License

When you have been caught driving under influence, the police may arrest you and terminate your license for a while. If this is your first offense, this termination can be temporary and can be restored within a few weeks after you have paid the penalty.

However, if you are a seasoned criminal, your driving license may be terminated permanently. It can strip you of your driving privileges.

2. Jail Time

People who have caused severe damage because they were driving under influence often face jail time. Depending on the percentage of alcohol in your blood, and the damage you have caused, jail time can go from five years to 10 years.

Serving jail time can take away a major portion of your life, thus pushing you back when you get out of jail.

3. Bad Records

DUI is a crime that will show on your records. You might not be able to get a decent job in a credible firm. You might not be eligible for government jobs either.

Students with criminal records are not allowed to attend classes at reputable universities and colleges. Therefore, you might not be able to continue your studies either.

What You Can Do?

The only option you have after getting caught driving under influence is to calm a DUI attorney. A lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases can help you get out of the situation, without further harming your future.

Your lawyer will fight for you in court and negotiate your jail time for community services and counseling on alcohol consumption.

A DUI lawyer will try to help you regain your driving privileges by getting your license back much quicker. DUI lawyers are experienced in the field and they know people in the system. They can present your case in such a way that your crime will look much less severe.

Lastly, your DUI lawyer can help you protect your future. He will expunge your records and try to remove the criminal records from your dossier. You can protect your life and your future by hiring a good DUI lawyer.


Driving under the influence of alcohol, and other drugs is a criminal offense. A DUI case can seriously ruin your future. However, a good DUI lawyer can help you improve your records.

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