An eHarmony lawsuit against its matching technology was filed in California in 2007. The company settled with the City of Santa Monica and the District Attorneys for the State of California after being sued by a gay man. The suit stated that the company violated consumer protection laws and the state’s Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act by failing to provide same-sex couples a separate site. But the plaintiffs aren’t going away. The case has now been resolved, and eHarmony will have to pay close to $1.5 million in legal fees to the states involved.

The lawsuit alleges that eHarmony duped users.

The company won a $2.2 million settlement in a California class-action suit where a user won the right to cancel his account within three days. Other users claim that they did not receive refunds when their accounts were auto-renewed, which they say was illegal. eHarmony also denies refunds unless they are legally required to do so. In addition to the settlement, there are thousands of complaints filed online and on consumer rating sites.

Despite the recent settlement, eHarmony is still facing several legal challenges. For one, the dating website did not clearly explain the terms and conditions of its membership plans. There was no clear dating contract or cancellation policy. Similarly, eHarmony failed to give proper notices to customers who signed up for a service. According to the complaint, the company did not provide enough information on the terms and conditions of its services. Ultimately, the lawsuit was dismissed in favor of the consumers.

The eHarmony lawsuit was filed after the online dating website refused to refund users who had canceled their subscriptions.

The plaintiffs claimed that the company misrepresented the terms of their memberships. This led to confusion and broke state laws. The plaintiffs sought the court’s intervention in the case, which was filed in November. A class-action lawsuit filed against eHarmony has been settled in Texas and surrounding states. The case centered on a lawsuit against eHarmony for auto-renewal fees and other alleged damages.

The eHarmony lawsuit was filed in 2005. The New Jersey attorney general’s office concluded that the online dating website was discriminatory against gays. The suit was also about eHarmony’s hesitation to associate itself publicly with the gay community. The settlement in the case was a significant victory for the eHarmony team. It is a significant win for the consumer. However, the company faces several other issues related to the way the service is operated.

A $2.2 million lawsuit against eHarmony alleges that the company misled users by not disclosing terms of the auto-renewal of memberships.

As a result of the settlement, eHarmony has resolved the lawsuit and is continuing to provide Compatible Partners with a range of options for a satisfying life. Its lawyers believe that the case will continue to be settled and the eHarmony website may no longer be a profitable business.

eHarmony was also sued by California consumers for not providing refunds. In the California lawsuit, the plaintiffs sought a $2.2 million refund for their auto-renewal subscriptions. Despite the settlement, many eHarmony users still feel that the dating service has been unjust to them. They have even filed for damages for breach of contract. While it is not surprising that California has ruled against eHarmony, the eHarmony consumer claims have shown that eHarmony is a victim of unfair business practices.

The lawsuit claims that the dating site acted unfairly by denying gays the opportunity to find their soulmates.

The lawsuit was filed by Linda Carlson in California in a class action suit against eHarmony, Inc., in response to complaints that it had a problem with discrimination, which she said had to do with its faulty auto-renewal policies. The plaintiffs argued that eHarmony violated the rights of gays by failing to provide a refund policy.

In the California lawsuit against eHarmony, the dating service was sued by gay members who claimed the company had misrepresented the terms of its auto-renewal policies. As a result of the settlement, eHarmony has agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle the claims. This settlement will allow gay consumers to receive a full refund if their memberships are canceled before their expiration dates. Further, if eHarmony fails to comply with its obligations, the eHarmony user can seek additional damages.

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  1. EHarmony denied cancellation of fees after refusing to allow a picture to be taken without consent of all pictures and information on phone this is appalling have to tell him in on the conversation I was having was being recorded they said I was not allowed to do that which is b******* and they hung up on me

  2. Does anybody have the name of a legal firm that is still dealing with EHarmony? Despite the lawsuits, their behavior has not changed and they are continuing with the same practices.

    1. Eharmony refunded me two months of charges after I cancelled and then sent me to a collection agency for an additional 4 months stating I was in a 6 month contract with them. I cancelled and received my two months back so they acknowledge I cancelled . I am doing my research and will let you know of a legal firm.

  3. I have had the same problems with eharmony as soon as I created an account in Oklahoma online I called the very next day and asked eharmony to cancel my account, they finally cancelled my account on the 3rd day and told me to bad for me I shouldve read the entire contract and was told I still have to pay them 481.95 even tho they cancelled my account completely Now months later they sent my information to a debt collector. How in the hell do they get away with charging for a cancelled account. I wish someone could help shit the damn company down. I looked on BBB and there are over 2000 complaints of basically the very same thing.

    1. I want to cancel my account because I didn’t realize I would be charged so much and didn’t realize there was a reacuring charge can’t access my account to cancel so I cancel my debit card and then a year later told me I had to keep paying so even after I canceled my debit card I still got charged and do t know how and still don’t have access to my account bs

  4. I signed up for eharmony and cancelled within 2 hours and they never did. I have can show emails questing this and dates and times now they sent me to a collections and still are requesting money. Can I get in that suit this happened in 12/8/21 and has been going on since then.

  5. March 2022, I was just charged $430!!!! I was unable to cancel my subscription because I was locked out of my profile, so I cancelled my payment option. Figuring they could not charge me for services I had not received. Now, they threaten with a collection agency named FRGI from Sycamore, ILL. Curious on how someone can charge you for services you have not received. I would gladly join a Class Action Lawsuit. You would think that eHarmony would learn from their past. I bet they locked me out of my profile just before renewal just like they took away the option to cancel renewals in the $2.3M lawsuit. Just a different way of going about the same thing. I am determined to fight this. Has anyone else had any pathways to resolve this?? I am sending out a request for proof of debt showing I used their services after my profile expired. Yes, this is total fraud.

    I sent a request for PROOF OF DEBT and they did not even have one single word about me using there services. I turned it over the our Television Station here in Phoenix to see what they could do. Not heard a thing.

    Dave HackerAugust 3, 2022
    Watch out now the Collection Agency RFGI that represents EHarmony is now resorting to harassment phones calls from 877-867-9263. All we are doing is waiting for another Class Action Law Suit to begin. Not many lawyers want to spend the time helping people with less than $1k problems these days. Someday there will be enough of us to get the ball rolling on EHarmony and RFGI..

    1. I am having this same issue now. Did you have any success finding a class action lawsuit against them?
      I just got sent to collections without any information that would happen. I couldn’t figure out how to cancel on their site so I stopped payments over a year ago. I paid my 12 month agreement and didn’t even use their service over a month. Then they auto enrolled me a year later! It’s crazy! Then they send me an email I have an outstanding balance of $89.70, that basically I have no way out of. The collection agency then sent me a bill request for $358.80. It has been over a year! I did not receive one email update about my services renewing. Even if the original email said it would renew a year later, who remembers those things?! I canceled my payments way prior to the renewal. I would like to fight this. It is wrong. I am not one who is ever behind on payments or would let something like this slip. I have a good credit score. So this shows me they need to do a better job of informing consumers.

  6. I had problems with Eharmony since January 2022. I went to login to my profile and was unable to shortly before my re-new date and was unable to. So I cancelled my payment. Then Eharmony sent me to collections with FRGI for $430 and wanting payment. The only difference between mine and the complaints I have seen is Everyone else had money taken from them. Whereas I stopped mine before my renewal date, so they did not get money from me. I do not think it is fair to have to pay for services you have not received. Can I get in on the ongoing lawsuit of December 8th, 2021 please.

  7. Just like you all, eharmony ripped me off. I am 100% sure I cancelled the service way before they renewed it and stole the money out of my account. This company has poor service, poor dating prospects and they are deceptive. Please let me know when a law suit is filed.

    1. Same here. I’m 100% sure I canceled before the auto renewal and they still charged me another $500 saying I never canceled. I should have questioned it because that is the only thing on their site that conveniently doesn’t send an email. If you look on the BBB site there are thousands of complaints about the same thing.

  8. I contacted eharmony directly and told them I no longer wanted their services as they lied about getting a match when they kept sending me their suggested matches. Those matches in fact were not matches for my profile. Now I am being threatened by their collections dept. and they are auto renewal me after I told them I didn’t want their services after 3 months of service.

  9. Does anybody have a phone number to reach eharmony? I made an account and now cannot log in to cancel my subscription and when I click the forgot password option it is supposed to email you a way to change your password but never does. so now I have no way of even cancelling and no way to get ahold of anyone.

  10. I am looking into how to start a class action law suit against eharmony. If someone has further knowledge of this and or wants to be a part of organizing it with me, please let me know.

  11. My situation is a little different. the shortest plan they had was 6 months and I paid for three months up front. I cancelled within 30 days because there were no matches in my area. I told them they could keep the other two months I paid for, and they said I still needed to pay for the other three months. I refused and got sent to a collection agency. That was on 7/17/23 …. and on the same dates I filed formal complaints with the FTC, BBB as well as the Oregon and California DOJ. I went back and forth with the BBB, and they have closed their file. Apparently, they feel that the company made an effort to address my issue but all they ever provide is their canned response saying I’m on the hook even if I didn’t benefit from their service. The two State agencies and the Federal agency are in the process of working my complaint. All I want them to do is close their books and pull back the collection placement. If this is not resolved, I will sue them and consider Arbitration once suit is filed. I pay all legitimate bills but refuse to pay for frivolous charges. If there was a class action suit, I would join…. they settled the last one.

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