Careers in Political Science

Are you interested in politics, international affairs, or in understanding domestic developments in other parts of the world? If yes, consider majoring in political science. A major in political science prepares you for various career paths in both profit- and non-profit organizations.

As a political science degree doesn’t come with a job title, you can pursue any politically inclined career path and exhibit your expertise. A political science major equips you with the skills to assess the political situation, expand your current affairs knowledge, and make you appreciative of opposing views.

Politics often remains in the spotlight due to wrong reasons. However, by honing skills and majoring in political science, you can change the narrative surrounding politics.

After studying political science, you are equipped to identify and find solutions to problems, understand the significance of power and authority in shaping policies and develop strong oral communication skills.

These skills apply in workplaces, professions, and even social situations. Besides employment opportunities in various organizations, earning a political science degree also prepares you for entrepreneurial roles, especially those that require thinking out of the box.

There is a wide range of career options for those with a degree in political science. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

1. A Public relations specialist

A political science degree also opens up the opportunity for you to work as a public relations specialist. A PR specialist is responsible for upholding a positive image of their client. Their job is broken down into numerous small roles. These include writing press releases and monitoring public opinion through surveys or polls.

A public relation specialist is the company’s anchor to upholding their public image. Part of keeping up with the public image is providing stories and submitting press releases about the company or client. A few key skills are required to live up to the public relations specialist role, including the ability to work under pressure, awareness of the latest PR trends, and exceptional editing skills.

The public relations specialist salary depends on various factors, from years of experience to education level and the geographic location of the job.

2. An Intelligence Analyst

An intelligence analyst works on eliminating security threats regularly. It is achieved by conducting a thorough data analysis that offers a glimpse into criminal activities.

Intelligence analysts cross-check the data with databases to ensure they have accurate information. Analysts also predict risks, identify security needs, and develop policies based on the available information.

Being an intelligence analyst, you work in a fast-paced environment where you are bombarded with valuable information every minute while keeping clients in the loop about the security status of a current project.

Besides tracking criminal activity or analyzing criminal behavior, intelligence analyst also safeguards citizens’ data. As a result, intelligence analysts are rewarded for their expert knowledge and work.

3. A Hearing Officer

Hearing officer is considered among the highest-paid jobs. The legal system and political organization are interconnected. That is why after completing your political science degree with a minor in law, you are qualified for the hearing officer’s position.

Your responsibilities include overseeing organizational conflicts, making legal decisions, and leading pretrial hearings. On average, the hearing officer’s salary is $75,451 per year.

If you have extensive experience in law, regulations, and local policies, the hearing officer position is ideal. Hearing offices and judges are often mistaken for being the same; however, that is not the case. A hearing officer is not a judge but acts in a quasi-judicial capacity.

4. A Legal assistant

If you are on the lookout for a career that is challenging and rewarding, then become a legal assistant. Another reason why many opt to become legal assistants is due to their interest in law.

Whatever the reasons, becoming a legal assistant is a decision you won’t regret. Legal assistants have many responsibilities, from assisting lawyers to assembling evidence to present in court and drafting documents. They aid lawyers during trials, developing reports and filing appeals.

Legal assistants have a flexible work mode from part-time jobs to full-time and even sometimes telecommuting. Legal assistants also have career advancement opportunities like getting promoted to a law clerk or becoming a paralegal after completing certification.

5. A Community Service Manager

The community service manager’s responsibilities include overseeing the existing and newly hired staff, analyzing the data, and working with community members to write proposals for new community programs.

The manager aims to ensure that every community member has the means and can contribute to the community’s growth. Since community service managers are keen on helping those in need, they interact with different populations to understand the issues’ root causes and find solutions.

Community service managers are the voice of seniors, the homeless, individuals with mental health issues, and the unemployed.

If offering your service to the community is your calling, your prospects are promising. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for community workers is likely to grow through 2026 at a much faster rate compared to other occupations.

6. An Economist

If your interest lies in sorting economic issues, analyzing relevant data using statistics, and developing policies, consider working as an economist. Economists play a massive role in determining how economic trends are likely to impact production and devise economic policies.

An economist predicts future trends for businesses by assessing the resources and the ways those resources are utilized to create end products. Moreover, these professionals also help organizations understand international trade agreements, tax laws, interest rates, and their role in import and export.

The federal government mostly hires economists, but you may find them working in research and consulting firms. Though the median salary of an economist is $108,000, those falling in the top 10% can expect to earn up to $198,000, making economist among the most promising political science major job.


Although political science primarily focuses on politics, the field covers various topics, from research to administration, creating a pathway for different careers. Political science aims to create a clear understanding of the nature of political action in the form of ideologies, policies, and the law.

The field of political science provides the tools for learners to interpret politically significant phenomena. Some choose to major in political science because it critically trains them to understand the human condition, while others want to start a career as a hardcore politician.

We hope you learned something from this article. Feel free to add your two cents in the comments below.

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