DUI Case

Work stress and personal life problems can force a person to drive while drunk once in a while. Drunk driving, however, almost always results in an accident. This is why Canada has strict laws against Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Serious punishments are given to drunk drivers. If you have been caught while driving under the influence, then you might be in big trouble.

DUI cases can ruin your life if you are not careful enough. Hiring lawyers from credible firms likeĀ Manitoba DUI can help you avoid lifelong damage caused by DUI.

Here is what a DUI lawyer can do for you.

1. Protects Your Legal Rights

A DUI lawyer is an experienced attorney who knows how the system works. At the time of your arrest, the presence of your lawyer can help you greatly. He will protect your legal rights from any kind of manipulation. When you are giving your statement to the police, your lawyer will protect you from unreasonable and tricky questions that might make your case worse.

Without a lawyer, you might not know when to keep quiet and how to state the facts that help you with the case.

2. Fights For You In Court

An aggressive DUI lawyer knows how to win the case for his clients. He will fight for the best interest of his client in court. He will try his best to prove his client innocent. However, if all facts are going against the client, a good lawyer knows how to negotiate theĀ punishment for drunk driving.

He will try his best to reduce the jail time you have. If you are a first-time offender, he might negotiate for a lesser punishment, such as community service, and make you join counseling.

3. Helps You Regain Driving Privileges

When you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, your driving license will be terminated for a while. Regaining driving privileges can be difficult if you are handling things yourself or relying on a public lawyer. However, with a DUI lawyer, you might be able to regain your driving privileges much faster.

A DUI lawyer has contacts with everyone in the system. He will try to give you your driving license as quickly as possible.

4. Negotiates Plea Bargain

If all the evidence and case facts are against you, and there is nothing that can stop you from going to jail, a good DUI lawyer will try to negotiate a better deal with the prosecutor.

He can talk to the prosecutor to keep you out of jail by offering compensation money to the affected party or allowing you to get community service or counseling instead of going to jail, depending on the percentage of alcohol in your blood.

5. Helps Expunge Your Record

DUI is a criminal offense. It can ruin your life by making a permanent mark on your records. You might not be able to get a decent job or admission to a reputable university or college.

If you are seriously concerned about your future, hiring a DUI lawyer can help you a lot. He will try to expunge your records, giving you a fresh start.

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