The Capella University class-action lawsuit seeks compensation for thousands of students who were enrolled in a doctoral program but were unable to graduate in the specified period. Moreover, the university has denied students the right to control the length of their program and the duration of their degree. This is illegal and must be addressed. The following is a list of issues that should be addressed by the student. The student should focus on these issues in the suit.

A “bait and switch” program: According to the Capella university class-action lawsuit, the company misled prospective students and current students about the length of the degree programs, cost, and completion time. A college or university cannot obligate students to finish a program in less than a certain period if they do not provide the required time. This is precisely what Capella University is accused of doing. The school should refund all money to affected students, not just compensate them.

Fraudulent Omission: The Capella lawsuit alleges that the university failed to disclose to prospective students that graduation rates were low and that completion times were slow.

The plaintiffs must prove that the defendant had a duty to disclose this information, which they have not done. However, this is not possible because the suit does not cite any authority that would allow the disclosure of the contested information. Therefore, the lawsuit is dismissed without prejudice.

False representation: The lawsuit alleges that Capella misrepresented graduation rates and completion times, and omitted to disclose them. Although it is difficult to prove that the university acted negligently, the court has ruled in favor of the students who were cheated. This is a win-win for students, and a loss for the company is a loss for all involved. The suit against Capella University is still underway and is being investigated by a federal court in the state of Minnesota.

The class action filed against Capella University aims to recover the monies lost by enrolled students.

The University has been deceiving thousands of doctoral students and defrauding them of their money. The lawsuit claims that the university was negligent in providing the degree. This has caused thousands of people to suffer financially. The lawsuit states that the defendants did not disclose the cost of the doctoral degree. The defendants also failed to inform the students of the terms and conditions of the program.

The plaintiffs are not aware of the extent of the damages caused by Capella’s illegal practices. While the class action claims are valid, they will ultimately have no effect if the state government takes any actions. The university is already under investigation by the federal government. Further, the plaintiffs claim that the company was a predatory employer and that the defendant failed to provide a legitimate doctoral degree. The class action will also include a section on the university’s financial policies and procedures.

The plaintiff Maurice Jose Ornelas, who was enrolled in a Ph.D. in the Capella Ph.D. in Public Safety program, claims that the university misled him and other students.

He states that the school’s recruiters stated that the average student would finish the program in three years and take two courses per quarter. The court found that the school did not provide this information and thus the tuition would be higher than it should have been.

Wright claims that the university cheated her out of nearly half of her tuition. This was unjustified and the state office of higher education received 71 complaints against the school. Despite the class action, the plaintiffs failed to prove that the university was negligent by failing to provide an accurate degree. In addition, the court hasn’t yet determined whether the University will pay out her dues. If you want to pursue a doctorate in nursing, the class action will help you do so.

The plaintiffs’ case was dismissed in January 2018. The judge ruled that the Capella University class-action lawsuit was unfounded. The judge found that Capella’s marketing statements were untrue. The defendant’s claims are invalid. The court found that the college did not disclose the average completion time for its doctoral program. The university’s website also failed to provide the information they claimed was true. It was not a fraud, and it had cheated the students.

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    1. I will join. I reached out to the federal education department/Minnesota department and reported the school

  1. I was enrolled with Capella University to get my master’s degree in psychology. I was dropped in error which was admitted by them, and no one could explain to me how or why? They also had no way to remedy the situation, except to send my loan money back, and to send me a $2,000 dollar bill. I did some research, and this is a common practice for them. Student’s get dropped, in the beginning or in the middle of the program, and they can’t or won’t fix it, and then you end up owing them money for a mistake they made.

  2. My daughter took classes to obtain her master’s in special education which cost $20,000. She completed the coursework, took her exams and passed in New York State. However, the New York State Education Department will not accept any credits from Capella. Therefore, my daughter has to retake all of the classes again. Capella advertises that they are “accredited” but they are not accredited in New York State. They have a moral obligation to advise their students of this. Please advise how we should proceed to recoup the money spent on a worthless degree.

  3. I was in my dissertation phase of the PhD program when I ran out of money. I had to then obtain a private loan to continue. I was dropped from the program. I have enough credits to obtain my MBA but, I’d rather have my PhD instead. I’m still waiting for a response from the school.

  4. I am in the same boat as above. Now, Capella has added $4000 fraudulently to my account. The MS/Public Safety was a waste as I cannot use this degree for anything. I would caution anyone from attending this school.

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