If you are involved in an accident that involves injuries, then your first priority is to get the services of a competent workers’ compensation attorney. In fact, this is actually the law and you have to follow it. However, most of the time, these injured workers do not have the knowledge to seek legal assistance on their own.

Therefore, they end up taking the help of some lawyers who are experienced in dealing with such cases. For this reason, it is always better to hire top Bellevue workers’ compensation attorneys at The Walthew Law Firm for your compensation case.

While there are lawyers who deal with workers’ compensation cases, not all lawyers are experienced in dealing with these types of cases. Therefore, it is important to choose a lawyer who has dealt with such cases before. You should ask your family and friends to recommend a skilled and experienced lawyer in this field. Moreover, you can also get recommendations from legal professionals who have been involved in such accidents. Therefore, you should be very careful while choosing a compensation attorney.

Find a good workers’ compensation attorney

One of the best ways to find a good workers’ compensation attorney is by asking your colleagues and friends for suggestions. If someone is not satisfied with the services of a lawyer, they will never recommend you to a lawyer. Therefore, when you are looking for a lawyer, you should ask for names of lawyers who have won compensation claims for their clients. However, you should also consider the fact that the cases of different lawyers are likely to vary. Therefore, it is important to choose a lawyer who has handled a similar case in the past.

Another way to find a workers’ compensation lawyer is to ask the employers of the accident victims about their lawyers. The employers usually know the right lawyers in the city as they deal with them almost all the time. Therefore, they will be able to guide you to the right lawyer in case you are not satisfied with the services of the lawyers working for them. Besides, you can also consult the local telephone directory to look up for a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Once you have a list of possible candidates, you can ask them to explain their fees and services during a free consultation. On the other hand, you should also keep in mind to pick up a case that is related to the work you are handling. For example, if you are handling the case of an employee who was injured on the job site, you should not hire a lawyer specializing in professional negligence. Similarly, you should avoid hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer who handles the case of an employee who was on the receiving end of employer negligence.


You should also ensure that the lawyers you have contacted are actually qualified to practice law. The qualification of a lawyer does not only depend on how well they can pass the bar exam. It is also important to check whether the lawyer has actually been practicing law for some time or not. Attorneys who have represented a large number of cases will definitely have more expertise and will be better able to handle your case. Finally, before you hire a lawyer, you should make sure that you have discussed the fees with them.

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