Truck Accident Laws

The timeline and settlement procedure of truck accidents varies with the nature of the accidents. While some uncomplicated cases can be resolved within a few months following an accident, some complex cases might take years to solve. This process can be made easy by hiring an Atlanta trucking accident attorney who would help the injured by gathering all the evidence on time and meeting all the deadlines provided by the court.

Although the lawyer will also clear all the queries regarding the settlement procedure and an average timeline for the settlement, here is some basic information regarding both, which can help one to gain some prior knowledge.

Steps Included In The Process Of Settlement

Consult An Accident Injury Lawyer:

The benefits of hiring a legal advisor well equipped with all the knowledge about federal laws

Are innumerable. The biggest advantage is that it allows one to recover from the injuries without stressing the legal proceedings.

Report The Accident:

After seeking necessary medical attention and hiring a lawyer, the next step would be to inform the insurance provider about the accident.

Maintain Records In A Journal:

A journal with all the records of the various information about the accident proves extremely helpful in determining the compensation amount. This might also involve the appointment with the doctor, the medical treatment, prescribed therapies, and other relevant information encompassing the accident.

Calculation Of The Loss:

The next step is to calculate all the expenses directly related to the accident caused by the negligence of a third party, involving ambulance or transportation costs, medical bills, and any other purchase that was indeed for the injury.

Issuance Of A Demand Letter:

The injured party then issues a letter to the insurance provider of the negligent party providing detailed information about the accident, the lost income, medical expenses, and the total amount of compensation that one expects from the insurance provider.

Discussion Of Settlement:

The insurance provider will most likely offer lower compensation than what is demanded. Suppose one finds the settlement offer by the insurance company unacceptable. In that case, one can take the help of an injury attorney and negotiate it well, and agree to a final revised settlement.

Final Thoughts:

However, if the insurance company doesn’t agree to offer a fair compensation amount, one may take the case to a trial. Although this involves an elongated procedure with the court and the attorney, one can be benefitted in the long run.

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