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Undergoing a good and peaceful divorce has several advantages for you and your spouse. For one thing, you and your spouse will have a common goal during the divorce process. In addition, you can negotiate and compromise with your partner without punishing them. Finally, you also can control the terms of your divorce agreement.

Having a Common Goal

A common goal during a divorce can help couples navigate the process more efficiently and peacefully. Whether dividing up the household and assets, establishing the children as the priority, or working toward equitable financial and emotional distribution, having a shared goal can be a great way to keep the divorce process civil. But it is important that having a common goal is not enough to make a divorce peaceful – it also helps keep things organized and avoid the pitfalls that plague many divorces. Lawyers at Garwood Reeves can assist you with divorce processing.

The best way to avoid comparing yourself to others is to limit the emotional and psychological input you allow into the process. While family and friends may be able to provide helpful information, social media can be attractive places to air your frustrations and opinions. In addition, people who offer advice may exacerbate emotions and make you second-guess your decisions. Avoid this temptation by focusing on what your partner wants.

Less Stress

While going through a divorce can be incredibly stressful, the process will soon be over. By finding physical outlets throughout the day, you can cope with the stress and keep yourself active. For example, try going for a 20-minute walk, taking a bike ride, dancing, or joining a yoga class. If you are not physically active, consider taking up a stress-relieving medication.

One of the most common signs of divorce stress is extreme nervousness. Throughout the process, the stress level can rise to almost uncontrollable levels. It can lead to feelings of loss and instability, as well as the fight or flight response system. People may also start to engage in uncharacteristic behaviors, like sending hundreds of emails to their ex or emptying their bank accounts. These symptoms are common after undergoing a difficult divorce, but you can overcome them with the help of a therapist.

Less Money Spent

Another alternative to hiring a lawyer is to use a divorce mediator. A mediator will serve as a neutral third party in the divorce proceedings to help the divorcing parties reach an agreement that is fair to all parties. A divorce mediator can be court-appointed or privately hired. The cost of a divorce mediator can be significantly less than that of a divorce lawyer. Another option is a collaborative practice, which involves both parties having their attorneys and meeting to discuss the divorce terms.

The most common cost associated with a divorce is the lawyer’s fee. The average divorce lawyer’s fee is about $925 for both spouses, but the cost of hiring a lawyer can be considerably more. Filing fees for divorce petitions vary widely by state and county.

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