It is common knowledge that if you have submitted an application for US citizenship, Green Card, or adjustment of status, you will be required to attend USCIS interviews. The USCIS will only rule on your case after attending the required interview.

If you do not show up for the scheduled interview, your application may be refused under US immigration law. In that situation, USCIS authorities will consider your application abandoned.

If a USCIS officer declines your application for US citizenship or a Green Card based on abandonment, you may not be able to appeal. Still, you may be able to request to reopen the case or file a new application.

The good news is that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) accepts interview rescheduling requests. You can reschedule your naturalization interview as long as you have a valid reason to do so.

Request to Reschedule Naturalization Interview Only If Necessary

As much as possible, you should try to attend your appointment on the scheduled interview date.

The main risk of delaying any immigration-related appointment is that it will cause further delays in the processing period. It may take additional weeks or even months to process.

However, if you really cannot attend the arranged appointment for a valid reason —for example, due to illness or a medical or family emergency—you may request USCIS to reschedule for a later date.

Because of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, USCIS recommends that applicants who are not feeling well reschedule their interviews for everyone’s safety.

How to Request for USCIS Interview Reschedule

Once you receive your appointment notice, notify USCIS or your immigration attorney immediately to inform them you can’t attend.

You can request a reschedule by following the specific instructions on your interview notice.

Here are some ways to contact the USCIS office:

  • Via phone
  • Via mail (mailing address varies according to appointment type and location)
  • Via email (usually only an option if your attorney has a contact address for your local USCIS office)

The standard practice is to submit a written request to the USCIS office where the interview was set and explain your situation.

Indicate your request for a new interview date and any relevant schedule information, like the amount of time you will be hospitalized.

When you submit your request, include a copy of the interview notification you received from USCIS.

Calling the USCIS contact center at 800-375-5283 is the simplest way to reschedule your USCIS appointment. Take note that this does not apply to interviews in consular abroad.

In certain circumstances, immigration attorneys have contact information for their local USCIS field offices that the general public does not always have.

Your attorney may be able to send an email directly to your field office requesting a rescheduling interview with supporting documentation attached.

Rescheduling Naturalization Interview or Oath Ceremony

Rescheduling requests for naturalization oaths or interviews are sent to USCIS field offices as service requests.

Only the USCIS officer can determine whether to reschedule your interview. The decision relies on the reason you can’t show up on the scheduled date.

You must prove you cannot attend the interview at the designated time due to a medical or family emergency or other unavoidable reasons.

Don’t Just Skip The Naturalization Interview

Under any circumstances, do not simply skip your scheduled appointment. If you do, USCIS will almost certainly close your case. You’ll have to start from scratch and reapply.

You cannot postpone your interview just because you are not prepared for it. You must have a good reason for being unable to attend the interview and need a new schedule.

Because the USCIS officer has the last say on your reschedule request, only valid grounds will be considered.

If the immigration officer thinks your explanation is acceptable, your interview may be rescheduled, and you will be given a new interview notice.

How Long Does it Take to Have a Rescheduled Interview?

Rescheduling your US citizenship or Green Card interviews takes 4 to 6 weeks. You will receive a notification of the revised schedule.

However, if your interview was not rescheduled, you must not miss the appointed date; if you do, your application for US citizenship or Green Card may be denied.

Bottom Line

Attending your scheduled interview is essential and should not be delayed as much as possible. But you can ask to reschedule if you are in a situation beyond your control.

Rescheduling your citizenship interview or any other immigration appointment can further delay your application process.

But if your reason for not attending outweighs the cost of waiting longer for your case to be completed, you should ask for a rescheduled appointment with USCIS.

If you have an upcoming interview or have questions about your immigration case, contact Hacking Immigration Law, LLC for legal advice.

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