Truck Accident Claims

With more and more trucks on the road, there are chances of more severe accidents on the road. Truck accidents have more severe consequences and can also lead to death. This is due to the massive size of the vehicle. In most truck accidents, the truck driver is at fault. However, in many cases, the trucking company might be liable for the accident.

One such instance is if the trucking company recruits truck drivers without following the proper hiring process and not performing due diligence throughout the hiring process.

Such negligent hiring practices are followed by truck companies in case there is a shortage of skilled truck drivers. If you have been in a truck accident due to a novice truck driver without experience and training, then you can claim for the damages suffered with the help of a Torrance truck accident attorney.

Negligent hiring by the truck company can lead to truck accidents in the following ways:

Driving under influence:

There might be cases where the truck company might have hired a truck driver with a past record of drug abuse or alcohol addiction. Hiring such drivers will pose a lot of risks as they might end up driving under the influence of drugs and similar substances. Such use of drugs will lead to impaired driving which will lead to severe accidents.


Some trucking companies due to negligent hiring do not check the poor driving history of the truck driver nor do they do a proper background check. The truck driver might have had past records of overspeeding causing accidents, which might get ignored. Such drivers might continue overspeeding in their current job too, leading to accidents.


Driving trucks for long hours requires a lot of experience and training. Hiring inexperienced drivers without performing due diligence will lead to accidents. The inexperienced driver might feel fatigued after long hours of driving leading to distractions and accidents.

There are many kinds of negligent hiring practices like – failure to conduct a proper background check, failure to administer drug tests before employment, not putting the driver through physical exams, inability to check poor driving history, not conducting proper training for inexperienced drivers, etc. Such negligent practices must be avoided and proper safety protocols and regulations must be followed. If you are the victim of such a truck accident then you must hire a reputed truck accident lawyer to help you recover the compensation for damages.

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