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If you are in a sticky situation with your employer, you might need an employment lawyer who will help you get through your difficult situation. There are so many possibilities in the United States of America for your labor to be exploited because people tend to be unaware of their rights as workers. People in the United States might think that property theft is the number one category of theft in this country, but actually, the number one area of theft is wage theft by American employers. In a word, you need a lawyer (https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/lawyer) because American employers can be true thieves.

We often think that we get every penny we are entitled to through our work, but in the United States of America, you will find that over time pay is often not compensated properly if at all. Employers are comfortable with asking people to stay late a few extra hours, not taking into account that employees deserve to be paid for the extra work they do. Additionally, many people in previous generations were forced to work many extra hours, plus, America has a very long history of unpaid labor through the form of slavery and then forced prison slave labor, so employers in this country are simply accustomed to taking advantage of their employees.

Wage theft is fairly common also because previous generations made a lot more money than current generations do in America, and older people get annoyed at the thought that younger people are dissatisfied with their workplaces. But the truth of the matter is, that older people do not recognize that they were also victims of wage theft and they think that younger people complain for absolutely no reason. As a result, when these older employers get sued for wage theft by an employee using an employment lawyer Los Angeles, they do not realize that they have been perpetuating an unfair and unequal system that has privileged people with a lot more money.


Lawyers Are Ideal

The frustrations that younger workers feel has happened because the social contract that older generations promised has not come to pass. Sadly, if these younger workers had been paid commensurate with the rise in inflation over the course of many decades, they might not have even noticed they had had their money stolen from their coffers because the notion that the money they were owed is still in the pipeline is likely unfathomable to them. Imagine the shock and dismay you experience at discovering that the money you are owed is in the hundreds of thousands over the entire course of your career as a result of having been the victim of wide scale wage theft by every employer you have had since you began working at age eighteen.

The most important thing for you to do is learn more online about the possibility of being fully compensated for your hard work. Is there a legal precedent for cases in your city, county or state? Have the victims of wage theft been fairly remunerated for their hard work that was stolen from them? Is there a lawyer out there for you who will focus on righting the wrongs experienced by you when you were the victim of work discrimination and exploitation? Were you fired from your job simply because you are a woman who became pregnant or you are a black woman who wore your hair in a natural hairstyle?

If you did not know that was a common form of employment discrimination in the United States, well now you know. It is actually extremely common for American employers to fire people based on hairstyles that they do not like, and they usually discriminate against hairstyles that are not typically understood to be European. In fact, they have a penchant for focusing their discriminatory tendencies on people of African descent. The way that black people’s hair naturally comes out of their head seems like an inoffensive enough issue, however, due to the long history of anti-black discrimination in America, white people are specifically encouraged to see black hairstyles as unkempt, unruly, ugly and inappropriate for the workplace.


Legal Representation Is Right

This happened as a result of two major reasons: in the nineteenth century, white people created the Tignon Laws, which were designed to make African women cover their natural hair as white women were worried that their husbands were attracted to black women’s hair. This stopped nothing, in fact, white men continued to abuse women of color in the United States. Second, anyone in America who was not white was encouraged to dislike the natural state of their physical features, from Asian immigrants to enslaved Africans. Sadly, these discriminatory practices persist as even last year in the midst of our global crisis, many racist Americans took advantage of the climate to fire their Asian-American workers.

This is why you need to search online to do your research on a good lawyer if you have been fired in the United States and you think you may have been the victim of discrimination. These employers have been able to use hundreds of years of illegal discriminatory precedent to continue to harm their employees, discount their hard work and take their money from them. In this way, a lawyer is your only recourse in a country that allows this type of harm to take place in the absence of litigation. You have to defend yourself in a country like America, and a strong lawyer is the only way you can accomplish that as representing yourself in court would totally destroy any chance of winning your case.

Employees sometimes need to be protected from their employers, and as a result that legal assistance will prove indispensable for you in a hostile work environment. If there is no human resources manager who is going to defend you and support you, you may have to escalate those concerns to your legal representation. Even if you are not an overly litigious person, in a country like America, it is wise to always have a lawyer.

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