Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial nominees can immigrate the same way as Canadian citizens with one significant difference. The nominees can skip the step of applying for permanent residence. These programs create a long waiting list. This means provinces have to favor specific groups who express interest in immigrating.

Below are some frequently asked questions about a provincial nominee program.

What Is a Provincial Nominee Program?

A provincial nominee program was created to attract immigrants to live, work, or invest in a province. The Provincial Nominee Program is also referred to as PNP. This program allows individuals to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The PNP enables provinces and territories to nominate individuals who can fill specific labor market needs in their region. The program selects candidates based on a job offer from an employer who has had a PNP agreement with the province or territory. In return, the province or territory will provide an approval letter to assist with the foreign national’s immigration application.

Your employer must have been designated by their respective provincial government. To qualify for PNP, they must be a participating employer to participate. An agreement between the province and the nominating employer must be in place.

What is an Expression of Interest?

An Expression of Interest is a tool used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for matching applicants with suitable permanent residency opportunities. When submitting an Expression of Interest, a foreign national submits information about themselves to CIC. The submission is fee-based. It enables applicants to create their online profile at the Express Entry website.

Express Entry creates a pool of applicants based on their education, work experience, and proficiency in English or French. An automated ranking system then calculates the candidate’s eligibility for each program. Applicants receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency once they have reached the top rankings.

Provinces and territories also use an expression of interest tool, known as an Interest to Sponsor an Immigration Nominee (ISI). This tool allows the region to submit foreign nationals to provinces or territories interested in sponsoring them. However, it is essential to note that you still need to meet the basic requirements to qualify for a PNP first.

What Are the Requirements for a PNP?

You may need to prove your academic credentials, work experience, language ability, and references as an applicant. You may be asked to explain why you want to live in Canada, your family details, and your past employment. You may also be asked about your study background, training, and qualifications.

Some provinces require a job offer and a provincial nomination certificate. Another requirement has sufficient settlement funds to support yourself for the first year in Canada. An alternative is having a guarantee of financial support from someone already in Canada as you wait for your status.

The process typically takes several months. You must also have a valid passport. If you plan to bring along family members, they must meet some requirements. When applying, you will need to provide proof of your English or French language proficiency.

There are several ways to apply for permanent residence. Settlement funding can often be a significant reason for selecting a provincial nominee program over other immigration programs. However, a provincial nomination is one of the few programs available to applicants who have not lived in Canada.

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