In 2022, 5415 wildfires in California destroyed or damaged 503 buildings and burned 198031 acres of land.

Numerous lawsuits allege that Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) was negligent in causing the disastrous California wildfires. Unfortunately, it often takes years for victims to receive compensation in these circumstances. While you continue to battle for the compensation you rightfully deserve, California wildfire lawsuit loans might help you cover your present obligations.

For example, electrical lines touching trees or the ground can start wildfires. Electrical wires expose utilities, property owners, and corporations to large-scale multi-plaintiff liability lawsuits with potentially crippling damage claims.

In whose hands lies the blame?

The causes of the wildfires in California were many. For example, on the transmission line of Caribou-Palermo, PG&E calculated that 100 steel towers needed repair or complete replacement in 2017, yet the company delayed maintenance.

Additionally, PG&E calculated that their electrical towers’ average age was close to approximately seventy years, and some buildings may be over a century old. The utility corporation bears a large portion of the blame due to the increased aging of these towers and thousands of safety issues found on PG&E transmission lines and poles. Although other factors such as the dry brushing of leaves and foliage, weather and the distance of trees from power lines all contributed to the deadly fires, victims contend that PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) should have been aware of these factors.

California Wildfire Lawsuits Are the Results of Recent Wildfires Started by Power Companies

Tehama and Shasta County in Northern California and PG&E announced in May 2021 that they had struck a $12 million settlement for harm from the 2020 Zogg Fire. A pine tree coming into contact with transmission lines of PG&E is what started the Zogg Fire. Four individuals were killed, and the 56,000-acre fire damaged more than 200 buildings.

The 2019 Kincade Fire, which burned more than 77,758 acres in Sonoma County, was also settled by PG&E at the same time as the Zogg Fire settlement, with a $31 million payment to eight public agencies. The 120 square mile fire burned more than 400 buildings near Geyserville, and six firefighters were critically hurt.

Southern California Edison (SCE) equipment caused the 2018 Woolsey Fire in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, eventually burning almost 97,000 acres, killing three people and more than 1,600 structures. Claims filed in a Woolsey Fire lawsuit accuse SCE of being negligent in starting the fire.

The 19,000-acre Oak Fire close to Yosemite National Park and the McKinney Fire demonstrates that the California wildfire season is heating up again.

Suppose you have received compensation from an insurance claim already. In that case, you should talk to an experienced lawyer about your options to pursue filling a

California Wildfire Lawsuit

for reimbursement and compensation if you were hurt or had property damage due to a recent wildfire in California.

Consider the total value of damages as you submit your claim. You will need to provide evidence to the judge that you are entitled to the compensation you seek. You can only be awarded a judgment for an amount you can prove, in other words.

A lawsuit can seem intimidating, especially after something as tragic as a wildfire in California and the resulting emotional distress. However, you can assess whether you can claim or not, negotiate the difficulties of taking legal actions, and increase your possible payout by working with an expert attorney. Even though you have received compensation previously, you still might be qualified for more money.


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