Personal injury claims are legal procedures that, on most occasions, require the guidance of an expert attorney and, although they may at first appear to be simple and uncomplicated, issues such as the importance of including all the information needed to ensure that the compensation received is fair are difficult to resolve without the help of an experienced one.

If we are in a position to make a personal injury claim, we should know that there are expert lawyers for every type of case. Therefore, it is important that we refine our search as much as possible. So, for an internet search to find a lawyer to help us in case we had had a problem with drugs or defective products, for example, in Philadelphia, these are the words we should include: Product Liability Lawyers Philadelphia PA.

Once hired, our lawyer will help us with the following issues:

1. Determine who is the person to whom the claim should be addressed.

In cases of defective products, this task becomes somewhat more complicated as the legal responsibility may be of the manufacturer of the product, but also of the distributor or, in case of exposure to dangerous drugs for our condition, the legal responsibility could be of the professional who prescribed it to us.

With the help of a lawyer it will be easier to clarify this matter and to know if the claim should be addressed to the companies or to the professional involved depending on the case.

In addition, if we have life insurance or any other type of personal insurance, your personal injury lawyer will be able to find out if we are in a position to claim for compensation for this part as well.

2. Determine what type of compensation we deserve.

Depending on the impact of the incident, we may receive compensation to cover the medical and pharmaceutical expenses that we should have received to treat our condition or also include compensation for pain and suffering, compensation to cover the days we have been off work or in which we have had to reduce our ability to work and compensation for altered quality of life.

3. Prepare the filing of the claim.

The lawyer will be in charge of the procedure of drafting the claim as well as attaching all the necessary documentation to justify the reasons stated.

4. Estimate the best time to make the claim.

Since the maximum time limit for filing a personal injury claim is three years from the time of the accident, the lawyer will be able to determine whether it is advisable to wait a reasonable time before filing a claim, so that all matters related to the incident are settled before doing so.

As we can see, there are numerous advantages to hiring a lawyer when making a personal injury claim, not to mention the fact that it is very likely to save us from having to go to trial, since cases that are settled with the help of a lawyer usually get better results before having to go that far.

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