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Maytag is facing several class-action lawsuits over its front-loading washing machines. The company has settled some of these claims and a settlement is worth $50 million to consumers. In addition, consumers may get as much as 20% off a new front-loading washer or dryer. Whirlpool has said they’ve fixed the mold problem, but there’s no guarantee. The manufacturer is not taking the case to court and will not settle unless a class action settlement is reached.

The lawsuit alleges that the design of the front-loading washing machines led to the growth of bacteria and mold.

The company failed to adequately warn buyers about this problem and did nothing to remedy it. The plaintiffs’ lead attorney, Jonathan Selbin, believes that the manufacturers must fix the problems. This is why they filed the lawsuit. This is the first of its kind to file a lawsuit, and if you bought a front-loading washer with mold, the company has to fix it.

Consumers are eligible for a $500 cash settlement or a voucher for a new washing machine, depending on the size of their claim. If you own a Whirlpool washer, you may qualify for the compensation. In 2013, a call-out show called Call 6 Investigates revealed the problems. The class action settlement was announced on September 7 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Cleveland. The deadline for filing a claim for money is October 11.

The lawsuit claims that the design of the Whirlpool front-load washing machine has a defect that allows mold and bacteria to grow on the clothes.

The manufacturer failed to provide warnings or an adequate resolution. This complaint was brought by Whirlpool consumers, who are claiming that the company has breached its duty to warn consumers about the defect and to fix the problem. It is also filed under federal consumer protection laws.

In addition to a cash settlement, customers may be eligible to receive a rebate on their new front-load washer. Some consumers have opted into the lawsuit because their Maytag front-load washers contain a defect. While this may seem a small amount, it could be worth a lot for you. If you’re eligible, you could receive a cash settlement if you are affected by the defect.

The plaintiffs in the Maytag front-load washer lawsuit claimed that the washer was defective in a way that allowed mold and bacteria to grow. This caused the company to not adequately warn potential buyers of the problem and failed to offer a solution. The lead counsel in the case, Jonathan Selbin, has been working on this case for over a year now. There are many other claims involving this product and you may be eligible for one as well.

The Maytag front-load washer lawsuit was filed in 2006, and it covers all Maytag front-loaders manufactured from 2001 to 2010.

The complaint covers some different models, but not all of them. The deadline for class members to file their claim is Oct. 11, 2016. If you are affected by this recall, you may qualify for a cash settlement or a rebate. If you are a victim of the mold-related problems in your Maytag front-load washer, you may qualify for a $50 or even a 20% rebate on a new one.

The Maytag front-load washer lawsuit claims that the mold in the washing machine was caused by a faulty design or material. The Whirlpool and Maytag front load washers were sold from 2001 to 2010. The lawsuit includes the models manufactured in this timeframe. The claims may involve the sale of eight million washers. The consumers who are eligible to file a claim in the Whirlpool and the Maytag washers are covered by the lawsuit.

The Maytag front-load washer lawsuit involves the defective spinning of the washing machine.

Due to the excessive spin speed, the washer fails to wash clothes properly. A defective spin cycle can cause the clothes to become stained. A lawsuit can force Whirlpool to recall and replace affected machines. It may even offer refunds to consumers. If this is the case, consumers should contact Whirlpool Corporation to seek compensation. If you’ve suffered any of these problems, it could be worth filing a claim in the Maytag front-load washer lawsuit.

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