If you are interested in learning more about a company that manufactures healthy dog foods, then maybe you might be interested in learning more about the lawsuits against Blue Buffalo. If so, you will want to read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss whether or not the company is guilty of any of the following: violating the Food & Drug Administration’s safe food label, knowingly selling false statements regarding their dog food products, and failing to provide proper warning regarding their dog food products. After reading this article, you should have a good idea whether or not the company is at fault, and what steps need to be taken next.

A few short years ago, the FDA gave Blue Buffalo an enormous $2.75 million fine for their lax manufacturing processes which led to un-certified foods containing potentially fatal dog ingredients.

Just recently, the FDA issued some huge fines to various suppliers for selling products to Blue Buffalo because of their false claims regarding their dog food ingredients! So, before getting into the details, let’s take a closer look at exactly what the current pet food label requirements are. The FDA sets the rules and requirements for food manufacturers, such as those involved in making Blue Buffalo dog food products. The manufacturer must ensure that the ingredients that are listed on any label of pet food are true and correct, up to and including the date of expiration. If ingredients of any kind are proven dangerous to humans or considered unfit to eat, the manufacturer must remove them immediately and issue an immediate recall.

While the recall was in effect, tens of thousands of dogs became ill and died in local animal hospitals.

Owners of Blue Buffalo products had no legal way to fight back, since the law does not require food manufacturers to notify consumers of any safety concerns regarding their products. So, many innocent owners who had spent money on Blue Buffalo products while being unsure about what was in their dogs’ food ended up losing their own pets to death or illness, due to tainted pet foods. So far, the manufacturer has not been able to show any evidence that they have intentionally kept pet foods containing dangerous ingredients under false pretenses.

In addition to this sad situation, there is another side of the story that makes this story one more reason to be concerned about the quality of pet foods from Purina.

Some of the pet foods manufactured by Purina have been found to contain a highly dangerous chemical, BPA, in large amounts. BPA is often called “Bisphenol A”, which is a known carcinogen. So many veterinarians, as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association, believe that it is an unnecessary and harmful ingredient and have filed class action lawsuits against Purina and other companies that use this chemical in their dog foods. In fact, over 80 lawsuits have been filed against Purina alone!

There is a large group of people who feel that the number of class action lawsuits against Purina is excessive, considering only 32 million pounds of dog food has been recalled since 1999.

However, when you look at the ingredients list for Purina’s pet food products, the list is downright frightening. There are over three hundred chemicals listed! There are over two hundred different preservatives, and over one hundred different brands of protein. This seems like a pretty hazardous situation to me.

While it may seem like a sad situation, it is certainly understandable why pet owners are upset with Purina.

They’ve done nothing but try to make pet owners feel bad for making them feel good about the terrible choices that they make regarding their dogs’ health. Hopefully, this lawsuit will put a stop to all the lawsuits against Blue Buffalo, and hopefully other companies manufacturing pet foods with dangerous ingredients will do the same.

3 thoughts on “The Lawsuits Against Blue Buffalo Are Huge”
  1. This is very disturbing. I just changed to blue buffalo as my chihuahua rejected the food she was eating but ate the blue buffalo. I just purchased a large quantity because she will eat it. I relied on the advertising and some ratings I had aeen. Just learned of these lawsuits!

  2. Blue Buffalo food killed my one cat and almost killed my other cat. I spent over 3,000 in vet care. I dispise this company. They lied to me when I would complain about their food. My cat had severe liver damage. Lost his hair. Gained weight and developed diabetes.

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