What is a Wrongful Death Suit?

The case of the “Jani King Lawsuit” revolves around the wrongful death of a seven-year-old child. The cause of death was drowning. His parents both had drug addiction problems and he was basically their sole caretaker. On his death, they left him in the care of a family friend. The caretaker would later explain that he felt guilty about leaving their son alone with strangers but didn’t feel comfortable bringing the child back home. He made the fatal mistake of letting his child swim in a bath tub filled with scented lotions and oils.

The caretaker’s friend showed up at the house shortly after and got into the shower with the child.

He then poured kerosene into the tub and set the tub on fire. When the flames reached almost maximum intensity, the caretaker and the friend ran out of the house but not before seeing the deceased child with burns all over his body.

This is a tragic story. But there is another side to the story. The parents of this boy sued the defendant for wrongful death. They claimed that the defendant knew there were problems in their home, did nothing to correct those problems, and that they suffered a wrongful death because of it.

The complaint stated that the defendants failed to provide adequate supervision of the premises.

They did allow a drug addict into the home who had a history of overdosing and poisoning people. The family did not inform anyone of the existence of the drug addict or alcohol abuse. Another problem was the owners keeping the swimming pool next to the furnace, where it should not have been. The temperature in the home was constantly hot, which caused constant suffocation.

The lawsuit also states that a co-worker of the deceased came back to work three days following the drowning and began working with the deceased.

He did not have proper training for the job. He did not protect the man from the extreme temperatures outside. He failed to remove the trash when instructed to do so. All of these actions, according to the lawsuit are the reasons the victim died.

This lawsuit has changed the lives of the families who have lost a loved one. It has brought about many changes in the company and in the lives of the people who have been the victims. This lawsuit has changed the landscape of insurance in the region. Florida is no longer the only state that has a law on hold that allows employers to be negligent and be held responsible for wrongful death claims. Now all of the states are holding employers responsible for this type of negligence.

The attorney will determine if your family members qualify for damages for wrongful death. If your loved one’s death was a result of this type of negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, loss of companionship, funeral costs, and more. There is no limit on the amount of damages that you can receive. This lawsuit has changed the landscape of the insurance industry.

If you are seeking a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida or any other state, consult with an experienced attorney. This lawsuit has changed the landscape of the insurance industry and has created a stronger network of attorneys for consumers to choose from. If you are in need of wrongful death lawyer consult with an experienced attorney today.

What is at issue in this type of lawsuit? A former life insurance agent was found liable for the death of his customer.

The insurance company he represented failed to provide him with coverage for the type of car he drove that caused the accident. According to the complaint, the agent failed to instruct him on the proper driving techniques and did not provide any training on what to do in the event of an accident. In this case, the suit was brought against him and the company he represented. The insurance company has taken advantage of this lawsuit and they are trying to prove their innocence through the courtroom.

Could this case have been won by a normal life insurance agent?

Probably not. A normal insurance agent might have been able to convince the judge that it would be impossible for him to cover the damages in this type of lawsuit. This is why it is imperative for you to get the right attorney when seeking compensation for the death of your loved one.

You should also know that many life insurance companies will settle out of court in these types of cases. Often, the insurance company will just settle out of court to avoid a long and expensive litigation process. This is why you need a good lawyer who specializes in wrongful death lawsuits. A lawyer who specializes in these cases is well aware of how the process works and will bring the best possible arguments to the courtroom. If you were wrongfully killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your loss.

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