Class Action Lawsuit Against J Crew Stores

J Crew is one of the most well known and recognizable labels in the apparel industry. Most people are familiar with J Crew specialty products such as their cardigans, jackets, and outerwear. However, the J Crew class action lawsuit is a very different story.

This past summer, J Crew was sued by three former J Crew workers who alleged that they were subjected to unsafe working conditions, low wages, and improper restroom and food sanitation.

J Crew denied all charges and chose to fight these charges in court. The lawsuit resulted in J Crew agreeing to several settlements, with one major sticking point being that they will only allow workers who have passed their comprehensive litigation training.

This decision was unfortunate, as it demonstrates another characteristic of J Crew that many people appreciate.

The J Crew Class Action lawsuit highlights an important characteristic of this company: hard work. J Crew has a reputation for doing what it takes to make sure its employees are satisfied with their employment. They have high standards and expectations of their manufacturing employees. Those expectations certainly played a role in this lawsuit. J Crew did not choose this route, but the outcome speaks to why those choices might be a good idea for other employers.

J Crew’s refusal to allow its employees to file class action lawsuits shows another quality of this company.

Employees like the work environment of J Crew, which is laid back and professional. It does not have a negative reputation of being dirty or grungy. If it did, then more than likely those who worked there wouldn’t feel so comfortable working there. It is this positive atmosphere that attracts good people and keeps bad people out.

Because J Crew prides itself on safety, the lawsuit further supports that fact. It may be that employees are afraid of losing their jobs, or perhaps they are just concerned about the safety of the materials they handle each day. Either way, J Crew should have more than enough common sense to allow their manufacturing plants to remain safe workplaces. If they didn’t then they would lose the respect of their employees as well as the support of consumers, which is ultimately their customer base. J Crew failed to take care of either of these situations.

A class action lawsuit is another strong indicator of a great company.

J Crew doesn’t have to worry that one of their employees will get hurt working at their plant. In fact, on average there is only one fatality a year at their business, which is also a pretty low number. J Crew has also established some specific programs to help prevent workplace injuries. This could result in lower fatality numbers from injuries sustained at work, and thus a lower cost to their insurance provider.

A second reason why J Crew’s safety policies are a good idea comes from how the company does business.

Every J Crew store has an official inspection program in place to make sure that the workplace is as safe as it can possibly be. The program is so strict because this type of program helps to create an environment where safety is paramount. Employees know that if they don’t do their job correctly or behave in a way that might result in an injury then they will be disciplined by having to perform 100% of their regular duties.

A third reason why J Crew is a good class action lawsuit company is because they have been able to successfully provide medical care for their employees while protecting them from losing any money due to negligence at work. J Crew stores pay for their employees to go to physical therapy when they are injured, and many employees have been able to completely recover without filing a lawsuit. These types of cases can be very draining and disappointing, but J Crew believes in their product and their safety procedures. They have paid out over $6 million to their employees due to these accidents, and the insurance companies have paid out over twice that amount as well. So, for this reason alone J Crew is one of the best lawsuit producing companies in the country.

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