A Florida Metropolitan University class-action lawsuit filed against the school is in progress. The state’s Attorney General’s Office settled the case on behalf of former students, saying that the university misrepresented the transfer value of its degree. However, the school does not admit to any illegal behavior or unethical practices. This does not mean that the university is not guilty of any wrongdoing, but it does mean that it failed to fully inform students of the issues surrounding their degrees.

In the case of Orlando Restrepo, the lead plaintiff, the former senior registrar at Florida Metropolitan University Inc., claims that he was compelled to change his grades to be accepted by Corinthian Colleges Inc., the parent company of the university. Ultimately, Restrepo changed his grades to be hired and eventually fired. According to the Orlando Weekly, however, this claim against FMU is unfounded.

The plaintiff, Sammie Pratt, says that she was unable to transfer her credits to another university and was fired after changing his grades.

Florida Metropolitan University and its parent companies, Rhodes Colleges Inc. and Corinthian Colleges Inc. denied this claim. Regardless of the facts, the Florida Metropolitan University class-action lawsuit seeks to compensate former students. The lead plaintiff’s complaint is filed against the company that owns the Florida Metropolitan University and Corinthian Colleges Inc.

The lawsuit claims that Florida Metropolitan University and its parent companies are liable for the mistreatment of former students. The plaintiffs allege that the school failed to provide the required education and did not transfer the credits to other universities. This is a class-action lawsuit, and the lawsuit claims that the school’s conduct violated federal law. A ruling in the case could have a significant impact on future educational opportunities. The case may also involve other institutions.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants were negligent in providing their students with an education that did not meet their expectations.

The plaintiffs were not allowed to transfer their credits to another institution because their financial circumstances were not suitable. This lawsuit claims that Florida Metropolitan University was negligent in the manner it conducted its accreditation process and did not provide adequate education to its students. It was unable to meet its obligations to its customers and did not provide the necessary guidance to improve the quality of their lives.

The lawsuit alleges that Florida Metropolitan University, a for-profit institution, improperly denied credit transfers and was unaccredited. This lawsuit alleges that the school has failed to meet its obligations to students. This is a significant cause of failure and will take time to pursue. It also has a high turnover rate. In addition, Florida Metropolitan University is currently being audited by the U.S. Department of Education.

Florida Metropolitan University is a private university in the Orlando area.

This is a large institution that has a reputation for providing high-quality education. However, it was founded in 1974 and became part of the Corinthian Colleges chain. The school failed to offer its students an accredited program, and its student debt increased to over $120 million. Despite this, the institution was not able to transfer credit to a new institution.

The Florida Metropolitan University class-action lawsuit is a result of an unfair transfer policy that prevents students from taking their credits elsewhere. The school, a subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges, was not accredited until after the plaintiff began pursuing an MBA. The case is now being investigated by the Department of Education. Whether FMU is liable for the alleged violations of the law remains to be seen. This is an important decision that will help the plaintiff’s family receive fair compensation for their loss.

A Florida Metropolitan University class-action lawsuit was filed on April 16, 2018.

The lawsuit was filed by former students and employees of the college. The student’s parents are responsible for the school’s failure to meet federal requirements. The school allegedly misrepresented the requirements for accreditation and failed to provide necessary information to prospective students. As a result, FMU was accused of transferring a student’s grades. This is a blatant violation of the rights of students.

9 thoughts on “Florida Metropolitan University Class Action Lawsuit”
  1. “The student’s parents are responsible for the school’s failure to meet federal requirements. ” What??

  2. I was a student of FMU online and complete many hours of UNTRANSFERABLE credit hours. I am in debt due to this and have been unsuccessful in finishing my Bachelors degree due to financial difficulties. I definitely want all my money back so maybe by some miracle I can actually finish my education. If you notice Corinthian Collège is the parent of FMU!!! Shady and dishonest for all of use who have to take care of families and work full time+ and study hard. I was clearly told upon entering my credits were accredited and transferable. NOT TRUE!

    1. Same.

      I dropped a semester within the timeframe, and they charged me for it anyways. Now it is on my credit report.

    2. I am also a former student of f.m.u. Brandon- florida- campus- I was there at the turn of the century– I had witness so many people come and go– people were having problems w/ so much of the staff there- it just made your head spin– I am currently writing a manuscript about my experiences– I’ll probably just self- publish it- some people were nice but not all– I was physically attacked by a male Instructor their of whom expressed his real feeling about me- I remember that he went under the name of “David.” That was his so- called first name– but I found out that was wasn’t their real name at all- the assault was violate and pretty bad– I was violately struck- I haven’t forgotten it since….

  3. Those of us who enrolled at FMU were told that the school was accredited…only later after graduating and going to other colleges to register were informed that your credits were nontransferable. Here I had more than 112 credits but non transferable! What a waste of my time and my money! Here I was working to support my family and invalid husband…no credit to take to show my employer! Forced to continue to work without for 18 years…move up in the company! so was I going to do? I felt that I was not able to do anything except pay the loan for the money I borrowed for a bad dream! This so unfair and they get to move on and open another business! Where do we get help?

  4. Same.

    I dropped a semester within the timeframe, and they charged me for it anyways. Now it is on my credit report.

  5. I also could not transfer credits from FMU. I have a Bachelors Degree and had difficulty completing my degree when I moved to another City and had to wait to move to a City where FMU college was located. Now my credits are not transferable to get a Master Degree. I sold my house to pay off student loans from FMU after I got my degree.


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