A recent DeVry University class-action lawsuit claims that the defendants fraudulently advertised the school’s graduates’ income levels and job placement rates. This is false advertising and is prohibited by federal law. The university admitted that it violated federal law by making misleading claims about its graduates’ income levels. The university’s advertisements also omitted certain data, such as the number of graduates who found employment within six months. A successful defense of this claim can win the plaintiff a full refund.

The proposed DeVry settlement also includes a proposed court order that prevents DeVry from making similar misrepresentations in the future.

The University would also be required to follow certain good-governance procedures, such as identifying and training its employees on improper conduct. In addition to these requirements, former and current DeVry students will be notified about monetary compensation and loan forgiveness. The proposed settlement will be paid to Class Members in cash, depending on their number of credits.

A DeVry University class-action lawsuit alleges that the institution engaged in unfair practices and misrepresentation of its graduates. In 2008, a lawsuit was filed against the university, accusing it of misleading advertisements and false advertising. The suit also claims that DeVry lied to potential student candidates by falsely claiming that nearly all of its graduates found jobs within six months. Furthermore, the company falsified claims that almost all DeVry graduate students would be employed and earn more than other graduates. These empty promises are why some alumni are filing a class-action lawsuit against DeVry.

The settlement includes a proposed court order that prohibits DeVry from making similar misrepresentations in the future.

It also orders the school to follow many good-governance procedures. The school would be required to identify all its employees who promote the school for the next 20 years. In addition, the school will notify current and graduates of their loan forgiveness and monetary compensation. It will be up to the judge to decide whether or not to award the money to the students who filed the lawsuit.

The lawsuit argues that the defendants used misleading advertising tactics to lure students into enrolling in their schools. The school also allegedly failed to disclose the true costs of its education and failed to provide prospective graduates with the education they need to achieve the goals they set for themselves. The school did not disclose the costs of these programs until 2008. There is no way to know if they will settle or sue DeVry, but they will not be held responsible for any damage incurred by their former students.

The lawsuit also claims that DeVry failed to disclose the negative impact of its programs on its students’ finances.

The college has denied the allegations, and it has been found that its students were not adequately informed about their options before enrolling. A settlement can help the victims to recover restitution. In addition to damages, the settlement may even require the company to pay for their credit counseling and career counseling. They will also have to remove the negative information from their credit reports.

The DeVry University class-action lawsuit states that the university’s false advertising practices led to the development of the college’s worthless degrees and non-transferable units. These graduates did not earn the promised incomes and had to take illegal actions to obtain these degrees. A similar lawsuit was filed in 2009 against Keller Graduate School of Management, which is a division of DeVry University. The university’s students had to pay for their classes at home and the campus.

DeVry University has been accused of fraudulent and deceptive advertising practices since 2008, causing a class action suit in New York state. The school falsely advertised that graduates found jobs within six months of graduation, yet many graduates are still jobless. The firm also fraudulently claimed that 90% of its graduates found jobs in the business world within six months. Despite these claims, the school was unable to meet its promises and is thus subject to a DeVry university class-action lawsuit.

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  1. Has the Keller class action lawsuit been finalized? Just wondering as I am currently experiencing some issues with them. I went thru both DeVry and Keller back in the 2000’s and opted to use Keller for the Becker CPA review course am experiencing issues with that they said should happen and what actually happened with my testing with the state. If possible, I’d like to discuss this with someone. Due to dates, it’s unfortunate that the DeVry lawsuit won’t include my time there.

    1. Hi Akeem,
      I only got one check last year and it bounced. You got two payments and waiting on the final payment? Where can I check to see if any more payments have been sent to me? Please help.

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