The Aspen Dental Cases involves a group of patients who have filed a number of suits against Aspen Dental Services. These lawsuits were based on an experience that the Aspen Dental Case’s employees had while treating their patients, in a medical situation. A patient was not able to visit his dentist due to the emergency situation and he had to wait for two hours before he was finally seen by a doctor.

When this happened, the employees of Aspen Dental Services became suspicious when the emergency situation occurred in the dental offices and started their investigation. They found out that a patient had been waiting for over two hours before he was finally seen by a dentist.

It was found out that the patient did not receive any treatment from the dentist in Aspen Dental Case and was not even given the opportunity to make a complaint against the dentist. When the employees of Aspen Dental Services questioned the patient about the incident, the patient began to tell them about the incidents he had witnessed during his time at the Aspen Dental Case.

However, Aspen Dental denied these allegations and said that they were innocent. They also said that they were not responsible of the incident. This was actually the truth, because if the employees of Aspen Dental Case had not investigated the incident properly, the incident would have never been found out.

They also pointed out that they provide a free dental consultation service to their patients and the patient has no right to file any legal claims against the dental offices for damages. However, some people do file such claims because they believe that the dental offices are responsible for damages.

It was also found out that some of the patients of Aspen Dental Case sued their dentist because they did not receive the treatments they had been promised. They also sued for compensation for the lost time that they had waited for the treatment.

Although it is clear that most Aspen Dental Cases does not result in any lawsuits being filed, it is still important for you to know that there are cases where lawsuits have been filed. If you have an encounter with Aspen Dental Case, you should contact your lawyer immediately to know whether you have a case or not.

It is also important that you understand that a lot of lawsuits filed by patients of Aspen Dental Case do not succeed. There are a lot of dental services who try to resolve these cases and it can be quite difficult to resolve a case if the person has a weak claim.

Some dental offices might be willing to settle with Aspen Dental Services for a smaller sum of money than they had previously offered and this might allow you to claim for some damages. However, if the person does not have a strong claim, he would have to go through the entire process again and there are a lot of cases when this does not happen.

Before filing a lawsuit, it is important that you contact your lawyer and get all of your documents ready before you make any contacts with Aspen Dental Services. You should not make any calls to the service or Aspen itself until your lawyer has received all of your documentation.

Once you are done with your investigation, you should then make sure that you have all the information you will need in order to prepare your case. you should hire a good attorney who has years of experience in cases like yours.

After you have decided whether you have a strong case, you should make sure that you are prepared to present your case to your dentist. If you feel that there are many things that need clarification, you should consult a professional. For instance, if you think that there are errors in your treatment, you should make a formal complaint.

3 thoughts on “Aspen Dental Lawsuits Cases: An Overview”
  1. I am at war with Aspen Dental in Citrus Heights, CA.

    These events took place at that office, between 1/4/2021 and 10/5/2021.

    After paying more than $9,000 up front for Comfilyte upper denture/lower partial; having all but six teeth extracted and received the temporary dentures that are included with the purchase of Comfilytes; and having my care delayed months as they went through 3 dentists and their entire support staff, Aspen Dental now refuses to make my permanent dentures, stating that my remaining teeth have deteriorated since my first appointment (despite no indication of that from the previous two dentists who saw me on multiple occasions) and a partial plate was “doomed to fail.”

    I later emailed the office manager and regional manager to say that, given this assessment, I would have to proceed with a full lower denture (as implants were not an option for me), however, as their office delayed my care for so long and never indicated that my remaining teeth were in jeopardy, I did not expect to be charged any additional money for the additional, unfortunate steps necessary for me to receive my Comfilyte dentures.

    It is interesting to note that the Citrus Heights location is currently named in two ongoing lawsuits, both filed during the time I was their patient. One is in small claims court, for extracting the wrong tooth and then refusing to fix the victim’s partial to accommodate their mistake; the other is a class action lawsuit brought by Aspen Dental employees, citing things like too many hours, too many workdays, and no breaks. Both of these played a demonstrative role in the delays and lack of continuity in my care.

    Next, I spoke to the regional manager, who told me that patients were never happy with their full bottom dentures (implying I should get the pricier implants) and stated that I would definitely have to pay for any additional costs.

    I then received a check from Aspen Dental Corporate that I neither requested nor cashed, in the amount of $1,200. When I called Corporate, I was informed that Aspen Dental has fired me as a patient and no one within their company would speak to me about my case. I was also told I would have to sue Citrus Heights, not Aspen Corporate.

    The owner of the Citrus Heights location, Dr. Judge, was named in a successful class action suit in New York for exactly these kinds of fraudulent practices. Her license was suspended and she was fined. She simply switched locations and now owns offices in Citrus Heights and Elk Grove.

    It appears I will have to take them to Small Claims Court. On 11/17, I called the Citrus Heights office, seeking a copy of my own records. They have refused to send me anything, stating my account is blocked and I’d have to go through Corporate, which, as I’ve stated, has said they won’t speak to me either.

    I have lost so much weight because I can not eat properly. The upper and partial dentures they have left me with were never intended to be anything but temporaries while my gums healed, and, because my gums did shrink considerably, they do not fit.

    Aspen Dental has left me desperate, stolen my money, abandoned my care and denied me the services for which they were fully paid.

    I need help, and so far I have been unsuccessful at even getting a dentist malpractice lawyer to return my calls or emails. If there is a class action suit I can join from California, I would dearly love to do so. If not, I’d sure like to start one.

    Thank you,


    1. i feel you I’m in Florida and going through the same thing this needs to stop big fines to them a start

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